Sorry, Mike. I'll try not to break anything else.

Last week I broke the disposal in my kitchen sink.

I was busy with some other projects and left it broken for a little while. And then learned the hard way that you shouldn't run your dishwasher when the disposal is broken.

That night I broke the chopper part of Cuisinart Smart Stick blender thing.

The next day was Craft Day with the cousins, and amidst the activity of painting pumpkins, I decided to grill the steaks and the shish kabobs in the fridge without Steve, as he is never actually home for dinner. I've never used the grill; it's just not my deal. I also tried to make mashed potatoes.

Steve has always been the designated mashed potato cook in our family. He is welcome to retain that title.

Apparently, I didn't cook the potatoes long enough and somehow I managed to first trip the circuit breaker and then break the entire Cuisinart blender thing. By the time we (actually, Angie had taken over by this point) got the potatoes blended, they were cold, so she went to put them in the microwave.

It was broken too.

The kids wouldn't touch the "bloody" steaks or eat the cold mashed potatoes, which I inadvertently left the skins on. (Forgot my audience.)

Thank goodness Angie brought bananas. The kids ate them for dinner and then enjoyed pumpkin pie and ice cream for dessert. (Fruit, vegetable, dairy. . . right?)

And thank goodness her husband, Mike, knows how to fix everything. (He had to take apart the entire microwave to locate the tiny little damaged piece: the oven thermostat.) I should add that if you ever need an HVAC guy, you should call him (801-941-1205) because he is really, really good. So very mechanical. (My wonderful husband is so very not.) Steve was sure that broken disposal was going to cost hundreds of dollars. Mike talked me through fixing it, over the phone.

I think this was the second consecutive week that Craft Day ended with crying and a meltdown. But that's a good sign, right?

. . . . . .

I was starting to think we were going to have a repeat of last fall when everything wrong seemed to happen in a matter of weeks. This is what happened last October, as recorded on my electronic Stickie notes. . . the journaling format I used before blogging. Here it goes:

Derrick told us that Jasmine was 6 months pregnant and he believed he was the father. (I cried for two weeks.)

The transmission in our Passat went out ($3000 repair). Same car that had just had $3000 in bodywork done to fix it up after a collision with a deer.

Got a flat tire in the Pilot. (Our only vehicle, at that point.)

Had a break in our water main and endured three long days without running water.

Took the Pilot in for new brakes ($400) and found out we needed additional repairs ($1800).

Finally identified the strange smell in the laundry room. Water had leaked from our shower through the ceiling until it was so soft you could poke your finger through it.

The motor in the dishwasher broke.

Recieved frantic phone call from preschool teacher that Lucy was lost on her first preschool field trip.

Found dozens and dozens of black widows in all of the window wells around the house.

The leak in the shower progressed until water was streaming from the ceiling.

Adam jumped out of his crib for the first time. (And then we watched our sweet little baby transform into a devious little boy.)

Dishwasher leaked all over the floor.

Got two more flat tires in the Pilot.

Steve had bronchitis. (Steve is not allowed to get sick.)

But still had to teach Sunday School and Elders Quorum.

While I got to sit through a video on teenage pregnancy and STDs, shown as a direct response to Jasmine's pregnancy, to all the YW and YM at church.

. . . . . .

How did I ever survive? Probably with a lot help from many of you. (Thanks, friends.) I'm hoping we won't top that month for a long, long time. Makes my broken disposal, blender, and microwave seem like a walk in the park. I should probably post some pictures of our last two Craft Days. And get back to ordering a new oven thermostat for the microwave, which Mike says is likely to break soon.

That reminds me. My beloved space heater broke this morning. (If you don't think that's a big deal, you don't know how much I love my space heater.)

I wonder if I can get Mike to take a look at it for me.

Craft Day 10/14: In search of mountain air to get everyone healthy. Adam was searching for his sucker.

Craft Day 10/21: Painting pumpkins and re-learning that kids like to eat macaroni and cheese for dinner.


Jenny said...

I will no longer complain about the October wherein I was sick the entire month. You've got me beat hands down.

AngelaW said...

I just wanted to plug Mike Ballard as the best HVAC repairman. He is so good that on a few occasions he has been able to walk my husband through troubleshooting and/or repair over the phone. My husband is NOT handy, so this was a miracle. He also helped my Dad over the phone with our water heater. My dad was able to follow his directions and get it fixed. We talked for the next 1/2 hour or so about how smart Mike is.

Aneesa said...

Wow. I had no idea all that happened last year. I think I knew about only three of the things on your list. I guess I'm not a good cousin. I've noticed all the repairs at our house seem to come in large spurts as well, which is highly annoying for any budgeting purposes. Thank you for validating my worth as a human being :-) Sorry I didn't make an official announcement, I just thought it would be funny to see who noticed the disturbing bouncing ticker.

J&Jchambers said...

and i thought i was having a bad day today:) you are an inspiration, just so you know, you always look so put together and happy, i never even knew you had bad days:) i mean that in a good way, you handle things with grace!

Rachel said...

Wow, Em. That is quite the month of October 2008. I just read your list over the phone to Sam, and we both agreed that we have things pretty easy around here. Have I ever told you I am convinced I am the weakest person in the planet and Heavenly Father must know that I wouldn't be able to handle trials like that? Anyway, the pumpkins look darling. I love that you guys do craft day with the cousins. Such a fun idea.

Molly said...

Wow.... talk about a month from hell! How on earth did you survive all of that. DOZENS of Black Widows... mewhewewewew. That is my disgusted/shivering:) I don't think I am going to be able to sleep now. really.

Joanie said...

The only thing in all those messes that made me squirm was the black widow infestation. That really freaks me out.

Lori said...

and that's why you're allowed to eat all the sonora banana sundaes you want.