Babysitters with Bright Hair

I typed this up a while ago (October 1) and I accidentally saved it as a draft instead of posting it. Rachel's hair is a bit longer now. And I think Jasmine's hair is now orange.

I have a knack for finding really good babysitters. We have had three main ones over the last five years, and each of them have been exceptional. I called Megan at ten-thirty one night to come over and put Rachel and Lucy to bed. I was pregnant and in bad shape. Steve couldn't come home from work and I couldn't stop throwing up long enough to take care of the girls myself. She hurried over with her mom. They rescued my semi-neglected kids and cleaned my kitchen. Megan came back a couple days later with a "coupon book" full of offers to do my dishes, iron ten shirts, and even bake us a pie.

Our next babysitter, Rachael, saved our family the summer Adam was a newborn and I had surgery. She didn't just watch the girls, she baked cookies, ran errands for me, and cleaned the house. Not just tidied, immaculafied, if that were a word. She did everything. She even helped me with projects like the time I thought it was a good idea to make 150 handmade leather journals for the stake pioneer "trek". The girls think it's Christmas when she comes down to babysit on the weekends every once in a while.

Our current babysitter, who happens to be named Jasmine (not Mykaeleigh's mother) hasn't disappointed us either. The girls love her because she plays princess, fashion model, curls their hair, paints their nails, and even dances to High School Musical songs with them. A couple days ago I found Rachel's handwritten list of all the things she wanted to do the next time Jasmine came. Loved it.

We feel pretty fortunate to have had such great babysitters. Not only have I thoroughly appreciated the temporary freedom from my kids, I also feel lucky to have such great role models for my girls. I think all three of them have even humored Rachel and her text messages. . . Now, onto the story about the colorful hair. . .

Jasmine has a section of her hair dyed purple. I think it is very tastefully done, in the back, beneath most of her other hair. Rachel has been in love with the purple hair for a long time, just as she is with most-other-things-Jasmine. When we were in Phoenix, and the girls were getting their haircut, the stylist had a section of her hair dyed, so I asked her about it. She cocked her head and looked at me like I was an idiot. For your kids? (Hey, I was just asking.)

And then she explained that in order to get your hair to hold color like that, you first have to bleach it until it is almost white. It would pretty much ruin their hair. She pointed over to the colored hair clips. That, she said, is what you use for kids. They were $10 each and there was even a sale: buy two, get one free. We walked out with three beautiful colors: blue, purple, and orange.

The clips are very disguisable, and when put in correctly, can hardly be detected. Rachel and Lucy have had a delightful time tricking everyone into thinking they had dyed their hair. (Steve didn't even seem bothered.) We are very lucky, however, that they are only clips. Rachel wore her blue one (to match her uniform) to school and was immediately, but quietly, told to remove it from her hair. Extreme hair colors and styles are against the rules.

So there you have it. Good babysitters are out there and so are colorful hair clips to satisfy your six-year-old who wishes she were sixteen.


Angela said...

I am 100% jealous. We have no babysitters around here. There are really no youth in our ward so we end up trading for nights out.

Kristin said...

You do have a good eye for babysitters, and the hair is very cute. When are you going to be coming to Logan to visit?

Ryanne said...

I had no idea how the strip of color look was achieved. Rachel is the best, she is beyond amazing!

Aneesa said...

I have to wonder---if your luck with babysitters has something to do with your kids. I seem to have no luck finding the world's best babysitter--but I have to think that perhaps if I DID find her, she would only come one time. Maybe I have found her after all. . . . . MAYBE I should work on getting my children to not scare off the babysitters. Hmmmm. This is good stuff to think about.