Bad timing, Comcast

We have now made 7 phone calls, 1 online live chat, 1 trip to Layton to pick up new equipment, and had 4 technicians come to our house.

Yes, our internet is working again.
Yes, we can now watch television on 25 television channels.
Yes, Comcast will be sending a 5th technician to our house on Monday to fix the other channels so we can get back to watching our favorite shows on the Disney Channel, the Food Network, and ESPN.
No, I am not impressed. Nor do I think I should have to pay my Comcast bill this month.

It's been bad timing, since I've been stuck at home with daughter #2 who has something other than strep, H1N1, the seasonal flu, or meningitis.


Kassi Luck said...

Oh thats the pits. I hope you get they get the tv fixed for ya and that she starts feeling better and that none of your other kids get it. Good Luck!!

Jenny said...

If only I could get comcast.

I don't understand how the neighborhoods to the west, east, and south of me all have comcast, (literally the people in my back yard) and my neighborhood is unable to receive it at this time.

If only I wasn't so addicted to high speed internet, I'd tell them where to shove it.

Ryanne said...

Hope she starts getting better soon, sounds like she's pretty sick. And that Comcast gets its act together so you can have your shows back.

cathy said...

Winter time blows, kids are always sick and we're all stuck in doors. I hope she feels better soon.

JAW said...

I told you Comcast was evil.