New Nephew

I am thinking my new nephew looks a bit like Adam did when he was born:

(Baby Malouf)

(Adam, 2007)

(Baby Malouf)

(Adam, 2007)

I've always regretted that I didn't take more pictures of Adam when he was born, so maybe I will just print some of the new baby out and pretend they are Adam :)

Today, I am wishing I could sneak into the hospital and hold that cute little baby for a minute and give my sister-in-law a hug.


Kristin said...

I wish I could give her a hug too! I can not believe how much they do look alike. It's crazy!

Amanda said...

It always breaks my heart to see babies with tubes everywhere. They are both super cute! And I wish you could sneak into the hospital too.

Stephanie said...

Oh boy. We have cousins that look alike too, but these could be mistaken for twins. They have the same nose. How cute. I hope he gets out soon. I'd rather visit in the home than in the hospital when I see tubes all over. Good luck to baby Malouf. Is that Paul's little one? I liked him.

Ryanne said...

They do look alot alike! I dressed Jocie up in Senneca's blessing dress and took pictures since I don't have One of Senneca in it. Don't tell anyone though:)

emily ballard said...

Finn is my brother, Sam's, new baby.

Paul is still a bachelor.