Some new traditions

This Thanksgiving, in addition to the pre-existing traditions of:

Delicious turkey dinner, mostly prepared by Steve's mom and sister.

Fun games, played at the kitchen table. (Scattergories is still my favorite, even after a 15-year hiatus.)

Black Friday shopping trip with all of the girls. (9 hours long. We are hardcore.)

Ogden's Electric Light Parade and lighting of the Christmas Village. (This year we were smart and saved ourselves some seats. Please indicate whether you think saving seats along a parade route is acceptable. I am very curious to know what people think.)

We also added:

Scrooge at the Terrace Playhouse. (Very good. I even got to explain to my 6-year old what a "lady of the late afternoon" was.)


Drumroll, please. . . The First Annual Ballard Family Kickball Game!

Top row: Mike, Jack, Addy, Rio, Cameron, Karen, Tyson, Tyler
Bottom row: Angie, Jake, Derrick, Rachel, Steve
Not pictured: Gracie, Richard (the pitcher), me

Planned for months, and inspired by Lucy and Jake, we all enjoyed a rousing game of kickball at our Stake Gym. There were unbelievable dives (Tyler) and nobody (Derrick) held back from forcefully hurling the ball at the girls to get them out.

Addy is Angie's sister. She and her husband came and played with us because they wanted to. And when Addy wants to do something, (like run out onto the field after a RSL soccer game) it's pretty hard to stop her.

This year, we picked two teams and played against ourselves. Next year, we are thinking we should play together as "Team Ballard" and allow another family to challenge us. Any takers?


The Ballard's said...

The Hall's are in & JD wants to have a friendly wager:)

Jenny said...

I'm not sure how I feel about parade routes. Is is a Utah thing to save seats the week before, or is it just a crazy person thing?

I won't do it, but I have no problem sitting with a family member who has. Or friend, I don't discriminate.

cathy said...

I've moved peoples things that have tried to save places well in advance, is that wrong?

Debra said...

I think we could take you!! Bring it. Sounds like fun. Does the christmas village go all month long?

emily ballard said...

We actually just carried Sonora Grill's patio chairs out to reserve our spot in front of Iggy's. And we only put them out there five hours before the parade. . . so I hope I don't qualify as "crazy".

The Christmas Village is up and lit until the end of the year. This year, I'm really hoping they are able to get everything put away before April.