Steve broke up with Comcast on Monday when he very uncharacteristically yelled at them over the phone, "Get someone back over here to fix our cable tonight, or we are DONE!" And then he very uncharacteristically hung up on them.

I reconciled with Comcast today after I got sick of watching Wheel of Fortune and other lame shows.

Lucy's fever finally went away. After twelve days. Her lab results came back today and she was diagnosed with Cytomegalovirus (CMV), which is similar to mono. She is recovering slowly. Too slowly for my liking.

Rachel had perfect timing the night she secretly drew me this picture on Saturday night to cheer me up. I'm pretty lucky to have such a sweet daughter.


Lori said...

CMV. Hey I had that and gave it to Jaylee via utero. No bueno. But good news, technically, once you've had it you're a carrier so it doesn't come back as strong if you happen to get it again.

Love the sweet kiddo notes.

Gracie said...

To slow for my liking as well. It was so good to see her with color. Just want you to know I painted my fingernails green & I am quite happy typing as they dry. See you tomorrow:)
Darling note from Rach.

Rebecca said...

SUCH a sweet note!

Gracie...you are KILLIN' me! You are such your mama's daughter! I love you both!

Aneesa Bee said...

oh Emily--12 days is FOREVER!!! I'm glad she is starting to recover--we're wishing it speeds up. And Rachel is the sweetest daughter ever. Tell her I said so.

Molly said...

cute note:) you ARE outstanding.

poor little gas master:)