Did anyone else get fooled yesterday by the Apple Education Store price for MacBooks?

It was a computer glitch.

They were listed for $728. Apparently, they were only supposed to be offered at that price to the University of Maryland, but it accidentally went on the website for everyone to see.

. . . . .

I was shocked to open one of these Christmas morning. Yes, my husband loves me. (It did come with some certain expectations. I was given my MacBook so I could do more work. . . And I may or may not be breaking the rules by using it for blogging purposes.)

So when I saw the lower, much lower, price posted on the Education Store, I was first a little upset that we had missed out on a good deal, and then very, very excited with what I was told.

I called Apple and told them my husband had given me a computer for Christmas without realizing I qualified for the Education Discount. (I am an elected board member of Ogden Preparatory Academy's Parent Organization.) He said no problem. Fax in proof of my position with the order number, and I would receive a credit within five business days.

I felt like I had earned a few hundred bucks.

Until tonight. When I found out about the mishap. Blast.

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