Living Scriptures DVD Deal

I think this is probably the best way to go if anyone is looking to buy the Living Scriptures Book of Mormon DVDs. And you can even get Christmas present credit for the first two. Here's the scoop:

Right now, you can buy this Ammon and Alma the Younger 2 Pack DVD Set from Deseret Book for $19.99. (The online price is actually currently listed at $17.99, and they will honor online prices in the store.) You get the cases for both DVDs, but only Ammon is inside. Open up the Alma the Younger case and call the 1-800 number inside to have your second DVD mailed to you (no shipping charge). That's a really good price for two Living Scriptures DVDs.

This whole promotion is available because Living Scriptures is in the process of "digitally remastering" their Book of Mormon DVDs. Ammon and Alma the Younger are the only two finished, and they will be adding about one dvd per month until the entire 13-DVD set is completed.

When I called to get my free Alma the Younger DVD, I was told that they were offering the first 3000 customers the new DVDs at half-price. That works out to $14.95 plus $5.50 per DVD. (Still kind of pricey.) But here's the cool part: you can pick and choose which DVDs you want, and there is no contract. So I went through and told her all of the DVDs from the Book of Mormon set that I already have (Nephi and the Brass Plates, Journey to the Promised Land, Abinadi and King Noah, and the Savior in America) and then she crossed them off the list of what they are going to send me.

So I will be receiving the other seven DVDs one-at-a-time as they are completed, sometime over the next year or so. And the cool part is, if I decide I have enough, there is NO contract so I can call and cancel.

Maybe Living Scriptures would have a better reputation if they conducted all of their transactions this way?


Kristin said...

I have the VHS's I would love to have the DVD's I'll probably do this. I love using them in FHE to teach scripture stories.

thefestivusmiracle said...

I am really excited to see the new ones. I sold these very over priced DVD's. The Book of Mormon I totally think are worth the HUGE investment.