This little girl attracts a lot of attention, wherever she goes.
When Derrick and I go places with all four of the kids, we receive a lot of long stares, as people are trying to figure us out.
But it's when Derrick is out of sight, that the awkward (and sometimes inappropriate) questions start.

Stranger: What a cute baby!
Me: Thanks.
Stranger: Is she adopted?
Me: Ummmm, no. But her dad is.

Stranger: Your baby is so cute!
Me: Thanks.
Stranger: Is she your only child?
Me: Ummmm, no. I have four kids. And she is actually my granddaughter.

And a few times I have even been asked, "Where do you get a baby like that?" That's a hard (and kind of inappropriate) one to answer, don't you think?


Anonymous said...


blakeandcourt said...

Oh so cute! I love the white background and pink chair.

The Ballard's said...

"anonymous" is really trying to get your goat:)

Kassi Luck said...

She is adorable!!

Min said...

Two words. For Cute.

emily ballard said...

Is that top comment just spam, or can somebody translate it for me? I hope "Anonymous" didn't switch to a different language and say more rude things about me.

Aneesa said...

Emily, I'm sorry you have to go through the rude comments, but I am sitting here laughing, trying to imagine their reactions when you say, "Ummm,no, I have four kids. And she is actually my granddaughter" I'm picturing jaw-dropping going on a lot. You are a trooper. Don't you ever want to lie and just say "yes" to get it over with?

And to the "Where do you get a baby like that" you could answer "I think that is an inappropriate question, but if you really want to know how babies are made, maybe you should talk to your mom instead of me." That might shut them up.

Aneesa said...

I think it's funny how people think they have the right to ask VERY personal questions--Whenever I go out with my boys I get told (OVER AND OVER) "Oh wow, you have your hands full" DUH! which is old-lady language for "You should have stopped at one, you know" and then it's always followed by "Are you going to keep trying for a girl?" with a sad little frown-smile.
WE DON'T TRY for girls!!! We have babies if we want another child. Sheesh. Maybe I should blog about this one to get it out of my system-- he he he.

emily ballard said...

Yes, in the moment, it is often easier to just say thanks. Last summer I spent a whole day at the farmers market with Derrick doing that when people kept telling us what a cute baby we had. And now it's a little weird when I see those same people around town and I am with Steve. . .

Hawkins Family said...

This post made me laugh! Thanks for posting! I too get uncomfortable, uncalled for comments when I go out with my children. I've had to come up with some comments back that nicely put people in their place! Ha, I even had someone ask me if I knew how babies were made. I was sick of the comments, so I said, no would you please explain and they shut their mouth! If you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all....right? I hope all is well. Your family is so gorgeous! Adam has grown sooo much! Miss you all!