Christmas Break

Relief Society. Dinner. Ham. Potatoes. Carrots. Gingerbread. Mykaeleigh. Salt Lake City. Discovery Gateway. Derrick. Gap. Anthropologie. Birthday. Party. Presents. Slide. Toys. Book. Cupcakes. Candles. Pictures. Highchair. Treehouse Museum. Church. Melissa Campbell. Family. Pictures. Kids. Chairs. Pizza. Doolittle's Deli. Christmas Cards. Addresses. Sonora Grill. Salsa. Snow. Lunch. Rickenbacker's. Shopping. Jasmine Freed. Gingerbread House. Sick. Medicine. Chicken Noodle Soup. Sleepover. Grandma Jean. Wrapping Paper. Christmas Eve. Theft. Porch. Alarm. Batteries. Walmart. Crystal Hot Springs. Mineral. Water. Salt. Steam. Mykaeleigh. Fingers. Adam. Swim. Capri Suns. Pringles. Home Teaching. Neighbors. Lights. Christmas Books. New Testament. Luke. Morning. Picture. Stairs. Presents. Stockings. Nintendo Wii. Blanket. Leapfrog Didj. Scarf. Earrings. Steve. Surprise. MacBook. Ebelskivers. Nutella. Baby Food. North Ogden. Malouf Family. Lunch. Pocket Bread. Soup. Treats. Nativity. Mary. Wiseman. Angel. Sleeping Bags. Rocket Stove. Ballard Family. Board Games. Ham. Potatoes. Text Messages. Rockband. Umbrellas. Games. Books. Bowling. Home. Edwards. Party. Church. Soup. Dessert. Soda. $5. Game. Kids. Popcorn Popper. Lesson. Alma Chapter 32. Megaplex 13. Sherlock Holmes. Popcorn. Craft. Angie Wirick. Ellie. Birthday Party. Pizza Factory. Princess & the Frog. Craft Day. Alvin & the Chipmunks. Babysitter. Layton. Returns. New Year's Eve. Cousins. Party. Hats. Noisemakers. Pizza. Movie. Buttons. Pop Rocks. Sparkling Cider. Midnight. Sleepover. Pancakes. Wii Sports. iFLY. Molly Jones. Primary. Breakfast. Teachers. Lesson. Experiment. Seed. Apples. Letter. Ballard Family Sunday. Roast. Potatoes. Brownies. Laundry. Bills. Family Home Evening. Old Testament. Video. Bed. Alarm Clock.

It's Over.


cathy said...

Is that all you did, a little disappointing Emily, I thought you did more with your free time-btw I wish I dared to host a "kids" New Years Eve party-how do you possible last?

Lori said...

wow. i had a hard time reading that! haha. sounds full and fun!

Callisters said...

I bet your tired! Reading it like that makes me tired thinking about doing all of that! You came all the way to Cyrstal Hot Springs and didn't come and see us?!!!