Steve got Action Zone Passes for the DEW TOUR, so on Saturday, we rode the shuttle bus up to Snowbasin to watch the Freeski Superpipe Finals. And since my nephew, Jake, has recently decided he is going to grow up and be a snowboarder in the Winter Olympics, we figured he probably needed to go with us. Gracie's attendance was required for logistics (Rachel), and I even talked Angie into coming.

The sky was blue and the air was clean. It was so nice to be outside. It was also wonderful to go without Adam. (Thanks, Mom.)

We hiked up the sides of the Superpipe and watched the skiers come down and do their tricks right in front of us.

Steve told me he would give me twenty bucks if I could get a picture of it. (Harder than it sounds because I was also trying to help kids balance on top of backpacks for optimal viewing position, and it was kind of difficult to figure out where the skiers were going to hit with your eye behind a camera.) Not the best, but still, I think he owes me some money.

There were about twenty companies with large yurt/tents who were giving away all sorts of promotional items. The kids were so distracted by all of the free stuff that they didn't want to spend too much time watching the skiers. We now have enough Dew Tour stickers, lanyards, and posters to open up a small gift shop.

The picture on the left shows Gracie and Lucy sledding down the mountain on their Toyota signs. Just after this picture was taken, we told them they were done sledding and Lucy threw a huge tantrum. Not so pleasant, but good for Steve to witness the everyday joys of parenting that he usually misses out on while he's at work.

And the picture on the right. . . well, I just couldn't resist.

More pictures from Angie here. And Molly's pictures from Friday can be seen here.


Kristin said...

How fun! We are putting Caleb in Snowboard lessons next year. He doesn't like sports so we are hoping that he will like boarding. Maybe he will be a professional someday ha ha.

Mindy said...

Those are great pictures! Steve definitely owes you 20 bucks :) The dude on the right, seriously, wtf is that? I think I may have to copy as my new screen saver.

Molly said...

VERY CUTE PICS. Looks like you guys had a good time. LOVE the mountain man skier... wow, he means business. Thanks again!!!