Golden Birthday

I turned 28 on the 28th. I really didn't expect anything to top last year's birthday, but it was just about perfect:

Slept in till 9:00 am. (Steve did the girls' hair for school for the first time ever.)
Chick-fil-A Chicken Biscuit in bed for breakfast.
A session at the temple with my husband.
Beautiful blue skies.
A huge plate of my favorite cookies in the whole world. (No picture because they were gone too fast.)
The three-hour piano project. Yes, I got a piano!
Yellow shoes that knock me right out of the running for "What Not to Wear".
Dinner at Rickenbacker's.
A few errands on the way home, including a trip to Macey's that made me laugh. (Steve needs to go shopping more.)
Pulled over in front of our house, but no ticket. Lucky guy, he wasn't even wearing a seat belt.
Came home to a clean kitchen and all homework completed. (Thank you, Rebecca!)
Birthday cards and favorite candy bars from the kids.
Set up new tent and slept in it. (Just kidding. That would have been fun, but I don't think our house is big enough. . . )

The flowers:

The piano:

The shoes:

Thanks, everyone!


Min said...

Wow. Sounds like you did have a great birthday! Hope the year continues to be as great. Happy Birthday.

Jenny said...

Happy Birthday.
Yellow roses are my favorites.

Rachael said...

Happy Birthday! I love the shoes. Where did you get them?

byoung said...

happy birthday!! glad it was a great day-great shoes!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, what a fun day!


Lori said...

Happy Birthday Emily! I didn't realize we were the same age. Sounds like a perfect birthday. :)

The Clawson"s said...

Happy birthday Emily!! I love the yellow shoes! and the piano. I married the wrong man when it comes to birthdays. I'll have to have James talk to Steve about this one. He's the birthday pro.

Mrs B said...

Gorgeous piano! And I LOVE those shoes! I would also like to inquire as to the location of their purchase... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

emily ballard said...

The shoes are from Dillard's.