Jed's Open House/Concert/Birthday Party and the Meeting of Famous People

Last night I took Rachel and Lucy to the Peter Breinholt Songwriter in the Round Concert that was held next door, at Jefferson Square. Ever since we went to Fred Garbo and got his autograph, they always ask, "Is anyone famous going to be there?" and "Can we meet them?"

Sonora Grill provided the hors d'oeuvres for the guests and dinner for the performers. Rachel and Lucy served drinks to the singers. Check mark.

We sat next to Rebecca in the balcony. Rachel and Lucy laughed hysterically through Ryan Shupe's songs about "Baldy, the Kitten" and "Corndog" and can't wait to download them on their ipods. As if that wasn't enough, they also got to participate in the indoor snowball fight during intermission, stayed late to eat Jed's birthday cake, and even got to take home Sno-Yos from one of the shops set up downstairs.

What a night. Lucky girls. Lucky us. We live in a pretty neat place with pretty amazing neighbors.

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