Seven Years of Birthday Cakes (Sort of)

I always thought I would be the kind of mother who would make really cute birthday cakes for my kids on their birthdays. It looks like I was successful for one year: the Froot Loop cake.

I was probably encouraged to quit after this embarrassing cake from Rachel's second birthday. (It was supposed to be a cow.)

On Rachel's third birthday, there was no cake. I was pregnant and, subsequently, sick. I was lucky to get the girls dressed and over to Cafe Sabor for a little celebration. I was even luckier that someone had just left without their Happy Birthday balloons.

Gloria let Rachel pick out this princess cake for her fourth birthday. I think we still have the Cinderella from the top. And Lucy's tongue is probably still be blue from all of the food coloring.

For Rachel's fifth birthday, she requested a butterFLY cake to be eaten when she went to iFLY. Thank you, Albertson's bakery.

Last year, we went tubing at Snowbasin for Rachel's birthday. I didn't take a picture of the doughnuts.

My cousin, Maggie, made this gourmet blackberry cheesecake for Rachel's birthday today. I let her eat a little piece before she went to school this morning. Believe me, if you had a cheesecake this good in your fridge, you would do the same thing. Now I can probably get away with swiping a little sliver to eat myself before she gets home.

Angie, now you can see why Rachel really liked the idea of you making the cake for Ballard Family Dinner.


AngelaW said...

Happy Birthday Rachel!!!

AngelaW said...

I forgot to add...that I decided after Jack's first birthday I would make really cute cakes for my kid's first birthdays and after that, they would be yummy and kind of cute, but nothing fancy. I did not enjoy it, and I am not good at it.

The Millers said...

Cute post! Fun to see her through the years, and the cakes as well. I didn't realize that her birthday and Campbell's were so close together.

Happy Birthday, Ms. Rachel. Ellery LOVED the LONG letter you wrote her. She is in the works of writing you back, but that letter will be impossible to top! Hope you have a great day.

Lori said...

happy birthday rachel!

Callisters said...

She is so cute. I can't believe all of our babies are 7! I remember me, you, Jenny, and Kristin all pregnant at the same time, man that was a long time ago!

Ryanne said...

What a fun way to remember Rachel's bdays. Hope the rest of her day was a fun one.