Las Vegas 2010

Eight months ago, Angie & Mike and Steve & I went to a WorldMark presentation to earn a free trip to Vegas. We just returned from our fabulous three-day trip, which really was fabulous, minus the unusually cold temperatures.

While we were in Las Vegas, we listened to another timeshare presentation and earned 2 tickets to the top of the Stratosphere, 2 tickets to American Superstars (my very first Vegas show), 2 certificates to the Stratosphere buffet, and a $50 Discover card. Those high-pressure sales presentations seem to be harder on the husbands. They came out a little agitated, while Angie and I were quite entertained by the whole fiasco. Good times.

If you think you don't like Las Vegas, you need to go with Steve. I think it's appropriate to have a love-hate relationship with Vegas, but if you flat out don't like it, you just need a new tour guide. Before I got married, I had spent a grand total of two hours in Las Vegas. Now we go every year. Sometimes we go to watch NASCAR, but usually just to eat good food. Lots and lots of good food. There is so much to see and do in Las Vegas, we can never keep up with everything. On our list for next year: SkyJump at the Stratosphere, Cirque Du Soleil, and LAVO.

P.S. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Richard & Gloria for watching our kids!


A Have a Crazy Life

Some days are crazier than others.

Tonight Derrick's friend showed up for dinner (unannounced) with his sixteen-year old girlfriend.

They played "I've Never" in the living room while Steve and I made Chicken Curry in the kitchen.

I so wish I had a tape recorder.


Are You Happy?

With all of this rainy, dismal weather we've been having lately, I thought I would share this fantastically simple flowchart I recently saw on my friend's blog. It was created by Alex Koplin at H/34, but doesn't currently appear to be available to order.

I love it. I think I would also like a modified version for kids called Are You Bored?

And if the flowchart doesn't make you smile, maybe this great shot of my sister-in-law, Kacie, will:


Day 44

Is the day we lost our scripture reading challenge. Time for me to go make some brownies.


Just so you know

On Friday, when I was in my office, typing my last blog post on my computer, I left my phone upstairs.

I shouldn't do that.

When I finally went and got it, I saw three missed calls from my kids' school.

Call #1 was from Rachel. She was sick.
Call #2 was from Lucy's teacher. Lucy couldn't get the button on her pants undone fast enough and had an accident in the restroom. She was in need of a new pair of pants. And Rachel was still sick.
Call #3 was from Lucy's teacher. Lucy was also going to need new shoes and socks.


Steve went and picked both of them up. Lucy took a bath, got dressed, and made it back to school, just in time to distribute valentines with her classmates.

This was, however, a vast improvement over Lucy's previous accident at school. Last year, when it was her "special day" at preschool, Lucy was standing up in front of the class, talking about herself when she had an accident. It didn't phase her one bit. Nor was she interested in calling me to bring a new change of clothes. Imagine how embarrassed I was when I picked her up after preschool and Miss Jill told me she had peed her pants earlier that morning.

And, just so you know, Rachel wasn't really sick. She had been up way too late the night before, working on a sequel to the award-winning book she wrote as a kindergartener for her school's "Love Your Library" contest. At 9:30 pm, she was not finished, so I told her she wasn't going to be able to participate in the contest this year because it was time for bed. She called Steve and talked him into coming home to help her. Just before 11:00 pm, Rachel fell asleep at the kitchen table and was carried to bed. She woke up two different times during the night so worried about sleeping in/finishing her book/getting it turned in on time that she made herself sick. It was a rough morning getting her ready for school. And she lasted a whole hour before she came home "sick".

Good times.


And Hurray for Sister-In-Laws Who Make Valentines

While I finished up the extra iPod valentines for Rachel's friends, Angie helped me with Lucy & Adam's, copied from 24-7-365. I bet they are the most duplicated valentines of the year.

Lucy is not allowed to bring candy to school, so we substituted the lollipop with a pencil, which took some technical crafting.

I should have taken pictures of the valentines she made for the Grandmas and all the ladies we visit teach too. Yep, that's right. During the time it took me to finish up fifteen iPods, Angie went ahead and completed six hundred other valentines.

iPod Valentines for Craft Day

For Craft Day on Wednesday, we made these iPod valentines found at Family Fun. They were pretty simple, and the kids absolutely loved them. You would think that I told them to stick the "ear buds" in their ears for the picture, but I didn't. They couldn't keep them out, constantly pretending to be bouncing to the beat of some imagined song.


Pictures of a few things that made me smile

This daughter of mine, the one in the middle, who does not appear to have the physical ability to stand still for a picture. (Nor does she have a quiet voice.)

This skiing birthday cake that Angie made for Ballard Family Sunday, as requested by Rachel.

This pile of real snow that was moved from Weber State, to across the street from the library, and then to 25th street in preparation for Winterfest. More pictures here.

This view I had from my treadmill at the gym last night. (Look at her footwear.)

This boy, who I went to check on, after a long period of silence. He had used the toilet and couldn't pull up his pants. So he decided to hang out on the bathroom floor for a while.