Pictures of a few things that made me smile

This daughter of mine, the one in the middle, who does not appear to have the physical ability to stand still for a picture. (Nor does she have a quiet voice.)

This skiing birthday cake that Angie made for Ballard Family Sunday, as requested by Rachel.

This pile of real snow that was moved from Weber State, to across the street from the library, and then to 25th street in preparation for Winterfest. More pictures here.

This view I had from my treadmill at the gym last night. (Look at her footwear.)

This boy, who I went to check on, after a long period of silence. He had used the toilet and couldn't pull up his pants. So he decided to hang out on the bathroom floor for a while.


Molly said...

she means bidness on that treadmill. training for ski-town shootout i presume.... good girl;)

Stephanie said...

I've been known to wear my fit flops to the gym. They're just so comfortable. Your little Adam is the cutest thing. It's funny the things he does. It makes me smile to know that I'm not the only one with an imaginative boy!

Julee said...

Oh, Adam is so cute!

Amanda said...

Those things made me smile too.
I just wish we could have at least attached the audio to the woman in her high heeled sandals on the treadmill. It was awesome.

Anonymous said...

tell me more about the winter fest....I have read some of the details online but am still unsure if it is worth attending Thanks

Josh M said...

I should not have been reading your blog in class because I let out an audible laugh when I saw Adam laying on the floor with his pants down. Poor kid is probably traumatized for life. His mom, who he thought would help him, just took pictures. Too funny.