Indoor Rock Climbing

Last Saturday, Steve took the kids rock climbing at the iROCK Climbing Wall at the Salomon Center. They had been asking to go for no less than two years. Since I had neglected them for a couple of days during Operation: Find Mykaeleigh, the attention was well received.

Lucky for us, my sister, Rebecca, happened to be nearby, so she documented the activity for us. (Thanks.)

It turns out that Rachel is quite the rock climber. Even Talmage was impressed with her skills.



Relieved. Delighted. Elated. Sorrowful. Pensive. Hopeful. Content. Overwhelmed.

But mostly Thankful.


The Conference Center

My niece, Gretchen, had a doctor appointment in Salt Lake City on Tuesday afternoon, so we all tagged along to make an adventure out of it.

Even though we had no plans of going there, we ended up at the Conference Center. As soon as we got inside the auditorium and told the kids that was where President Monson would be speaking from at General Conference next month, we knew we were in the right place. It's pretty neat when things work out so well:

We got a parking spot right in front of the Conference Center.
The kids were attentive and well-behaved (inside, at least).
Jake immediately noticed the amazing acoustics in the 21,000-seat auditorium.
There were lots of escalators and elevators to ride.
It was a beautiful day with blue skies and plenty of sunshine.
There were lots and lots of fountains to play in.
Our tour guide was absolutely wonderful and wasn't the least bit bothered by our kids.
The four-acre rooftop meadow offered plenty of opportunities to run around.
And I got one picture of all the kids looking towards the camera.

It was perfect.


The Beach

Well, it was actually just Hudson Beach, but it still counts.

The sun finally came out, and we didn't have much time before we needed go to the airport to catch our plane home, so we hurried over to Hudson Beach so Adam could see the ocean for the first time. (He is almost three. So that means he beat me by some fifteen years.) He was a little disappointed that there weren't any whales in view, but he was still excited to see the "big, huge ocean".

I think Layla's eyes had a hard time adjusting to the bright sunshine after all the rain, so she just went ahead and shut her eyes for every picture.

(And Katie, if you happen to read this, I followed your advice and kept my shoes on.)

Seeing the ocean did make me long for some real beach time. I've enjoyed some beautiful ones over the past ten years: Torrey Pines, (my first. . . and yes, we went swimming even though it was January), San Carlos, Keno, Puerto Penasco, Nahoon, Port Elizabeth, Coffee Bay, Port St. Johns, Mossel Bay, Cape Town, Mission Beach, Cannon Beach, Clearwater, and Santa Barbara. Our trip to Santa Barbara was over three years ago. No wonder I decided Hudson Beach counted.

So. . . what's your favorite beach?


Fire Station

Uncle Dave gave Adam and Isaiah a little ride in the fire truck and even turned on the lights. I was one second too slow and missed the best expression ever when Adam realized they were actually driving.

The trip to the fire station was the perfect escape from another rainy day.


Rainy Day

Real rain.
Kansas rain.
Tornado warning rain.
Glad I'm not a pool boy rain.

Play with shaving cream at the kitchen table rain.



Text "VOTE" to 5710

Have you ever voted on American Idol?

At what point did you start voting?

Do you vote regularly?

Steve and I are very curious to hear your responses.

(I almost voted for Brooke White a few years ago. And I just thought in my head that I would vote for the first performer I saw who didn't act like a three-year old, holding their fingers up to show me the number to call. But then Siobhan just stood there pleasantly with no obnoxious fingers, and alas, I am still a non-voter.)


Best Mexican

The 2010 Salt Lake Dining Awards are out. Guess who won Best Mexican?