The Beach

Well, it was actually just Hudson Beach, but it still counts.

The sun finally came out, and we didn't have much time before we needed go to the airport to catch our plane home, so we hurried over to Hudson Beach so Adam could see the ocean for the first time. (He is almost three. So that means he beat me by some fifteen years.) He was a little disappointed that there weren't any whales in view, but he was still excited to see the "big, huge ocean".

I think Layla's eyes had a hard time adjusting to the bright sunshine after all the rain, so she just went ahead and shut her eyes for every picture.

(And Katie, if you happen to read this, I followed your advice and kept my shoes on.)

Seeing the ocean did make me long for some real beach time. I've enjoyed some beautiful ones over the past ten years: Torrey Pines, (my first. . . and yes, we went swimming even though it was January), San Carlos, Keno, Puerto Penasco, Nahoon, Port Elizabeth, Coffee Bay, Port St. Johns, Mossel Bay, Cape Town, Mission Beach, Cannon Beach, Clearwater, and Santa Barbara. Our trip to Santa Barbara was over three years ago. No wonder I decided Hudson Beach counted.

So. . . what's your favorite beach?

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Ryanne said...

Whichever one I'm lucky enough to be on:) I love the ocean and beach, I'll just have to live vicariously through your pictures for now.