Look what I won

from a giveaway on the Little Cherry Blossoms blog. Thanks to those of you who helped me win these cute little shoes for Mykaeleigh!

If you haven't been in yet, you should hurry, hurry, hurry down to Little Cherry Blossoms. They are having a huge toy sale just in time for Easter.

All toys (fabulous selection of Melissa & Doug. . . including Flip to Win Hangman, which is still a favorite in the Ballard house) are 20 percent off thru Saturday.


Ryanne said...

I've been told you are an extremely lucky person and I guess this proves the point! Congrats.

Aneesa said...

It's a good thing you have a girl to put these shoes on--I wouldn't know what to do with shoes that cute!! My mom and dad got home on the 30th--they are still phone-less but they look great. I need to call you and get an update on life, it sounds like!

Molly said...

K.... I almost bought those exact shoes for Ruby the other day!!! They are darling. The only reason I didn't... because
2- i decided it is going to be more of a jelly/saltwater/croc summer, ya know...

glad you won! i love winning. wait... i never win:)