The Malouf family went to Flowrider last week for Paul's birthday.

It was my first time. After realizing how painful crashing can be, I feel bad for always bribing Rachel and Lucy to go. The water's force is pretty strong, and you can get thrown around a bit out there.

Nobody mastered the bodyboard quite like Lucy did when she went for her first time in 2008.

Paul had a good time, fake smile and all.

More pictures here.


The Ballard's said...

Sometimes I get sad when I am reminded that I am not part of this side of the family too. Looks like fun. I thought that Paul's smile looked pleasant, not fake.

Ryanne said...

That place looks awesome! Thanks for clarifying the 'y' in Braty diet. I always knew it as BRATS and the S is for saltines. I used the Y this week for Jocelyn and her stomach bug.

Jenny said...

Love that one of the little girls has her swimsuit on backwards. Classic.