I did not run the Ogden Marathon

But I think I will run it.

Even though I said I would never run a marathon.
And even though I called you marathon-runners crazy.

I am pretty good at admitting I was wrong.
And I think I was wrong about marathons.

Saturday was my first experience at the finish line of a marathon.
It was surprisingly emotional to watch people complete the race and accomplish their goals.

Someday I will have time to set and accomplish goals of that magnitude.
Until then, my kids and I make pretty good cheerleaders.


cathy said...

I also hope to run a marathon some day-I'm doing a half on June 4th-someday a full one though. My sister ran the Ogden marathon in 3 40-she's amazing! Let me know when you do your marathon!

Mrs B said...

I've been to MANY a marathon finish line in my life, having parents who both run several a year, so I totally hear you on how emotional it can be. I still don't have plans to run a full one, but last year when I ran my first half I knew there would be more to come. It's even more emotional when you're the one crossing that line. Man, it feels good! I wanna do it next year, if you'd care to join!