Lunch With the Mayor

A few weeks ago, Ogden Preparatory Academy's Parent Organization (OPAPO) held their annual fundraiser at Rickenbacker's. We won a few things in the silent auction, including lunch with the Mayor for six students.

Rachel and Lucy each invited two friends, and the lunch appointment was scheduled. So, last Thursday, three kindergarten girls and three first-grade girls had lunch with Mayor Godfrey.

They went prepared to "chat about ideas for our lovely city of Ogden" and got to eat pizza and Oreos for lunch. Rachel talked to the Mayor about the things she thought he was doing a good job with: the Christmas Village, parades, the Amphitheater, the Farmers Market, and the Dew Tour.

And then she made some suggestions: take down the Christmas Village before spring, get a splash pad in Ogden, and add more lights on the streets by our house so we don't hit a pedestrian. Mayor Godfrey took out paper and a pen and took some notes.

They were pretty excited to pictures of the water slide planned for Lorin Farr Pool. And they thought it was pretty funny that there was a shower in the restroom.

After lunch, the Mayor took us for a tour up to the top floor.

He showed us where the jail used to be and told the girls a story about a man who tried to break out of jail with a garden hose. He somehow fit through one of those small windows and climbed down the hose, which was about 30 feet short. He jumped to the ground and broke his leg. . . and ended up right back in jail.

The girls convinced him that they could safely climb up the super steep stairs to the roof. He unlocked the door and took us out. One by one, the girls took turns climbing up the exterior ladder, where they had a great view of all things Ogden. Sophie spent her time on the roof holding the door open for us, worried that we would get locked out and be stuck on the roof. I could not persuade her otherwise.

The luncheon was full of some fun kid comments, like when the girls picked out the funniest looking mayor on the Wall of Mayors. And it happened to be Mayor Godfrey's wife's grandpa. . . or something like that.

Before we left, the Mayor posed for a group shot, gave each of the girls Ogden pins, and signed autographs, as requested by Rachel. I warned him that it might not be a good idea to give Lucy his business card. She gave her evil laugh and assured him she would only call him ten or twenty or thirty or forty times. . .


Hess said...

How fun! Does she want to be the next Mayor?

Stephanie said...

I love the last picture with the little girl looking completely bored or asleep. She is too cute. I just adore your girls. They are so cute.

emily ballard said...

No, she doesn't want to be the next Mayor. . . Lucy sits next to the Mayor's son at school and thinks the Mayor is all-powerful and can fix everything. So when ANYTHING goes wrong (too many cars waiting at a stop sign, stores closing too early, etc.) she says that we should call the Mayor and have him fix it.

Now you will understand the danger in her having his phone number. . .

J&Jchambers said...

hey emily, i saw your post on my blog. it was fun to hear from you. You are always welcome to stop by.. really. And i'm sure jake would be happy to make another longboard. This post of yours makes me laugh. I love that Lucy wants to call the mayor. And Adams cowboy birthday pictures are really good! He is such a cute little boy.