Mother's Day 2010

Steve did not come home early, as expected, on Saturday night.
I made a quick dash to WinCo just before midnight.
I was not about to waste those coupons.
Steve warned me that Mother's Day might not go as I wanted it to.
He had a busy schedule.
So he would make it up to me on Monday.
The kids did not go to sleep early, as expected, after the best day of Lucy's life.
Adam cried in pain until 1:30 am.
Overplayed his injured foot.
Steve got up early Sunday morning to finish his talk for sacrament meeting.
He tried to wake me up, but I refused.
That is not uncommon, so he tried again.
I told him I felt nauseous.
He got Rachel and Lucy ready for church.
And left Adam in bed with me.
The vomiting convulsions started.
And didn't stop.
Brought back horrible memories.
Steve came home from church and went to check on things at Rickenbacker's.
The kids played downstairs.
I kept throwing up.
My good neighbor called to remind me about the neighborhood brunch.
I told her I was out of commission.
She came and got my kids.
Steve came home and took care of me.
The neighbors fed the kids.
Adam forgot he was potty trained.
Everyone left.
I took a Zofran. And slept.
And my stomach finally calmed down.
Rachel gave me her sweet Mother's Day present.
I thanked her.
And then I got her sick.

We are all feeling better.
I am still enjoying the BRATY diet.
And drinking lots of Sprite.
And washing lots of laundry.
And loving my new freezer.

P.S. Am I the only one who has known about the BRATY diet since I was five?


The Clawson"s said...

You must enlighten me on the BRATY diet. It sound like the diet I usually hate to start, but when all the vomiting is over you're 5 lbs. lighter. YES!

Stephanie said...

Nope. I've known about it about as long!! Glad to hear you're feeling better. Happy Mother's Day!!!

i'm h.mac said...

we use the brat diet, but what's the Y for?

so sorry to hear about your mother's day bomb. that letter is the sweetest thing, you should be oh so proud!

emily ballard said...

Thanks, Dad, for drilling so many useful things into my mind.


Joanie said...

Sounds similar to my mother's day, but you were definitely worse. Glad your feeling better. The stomach flu has made it's rounds through our neighborhood as well.

Rebecca said...

I feel bad I didnt even know you were sick! I am sorry but am glad you are feeling better.

Kacie said...

And that was me...not Rebecca. She used her email on my computer yesterday and must not have signed out....

Rebecca said...

Sorry Kacie:)

That letter is SOOOooo sweet! You need to post that book that Rachel wrote. It is SO AWESOME!

Aneesa said...

I'm so sorry you were sick--sounds like the best Mother's Day EVER!!!!! I hope you feel better soon. I've only known about the BRAT diet since nursing school--but the Y was new for me, too. We keep bananas stocked just in case. Get better soon, I love the butterfly!