Letter to the Editor

See a photo of Rachel riding the Jupiter Express last year here.


A Close Second & Why We Love Logan in the Summertime

We went up to Logan last Thursday. Lucy said it was almost the best day of her life, which prompted me to hurry and document the best day of her life. It is significant to note (and quite amazing) that our trip to Logan took a close second because she started the day with a fever, a sore throat, a puffy face, and a very sore neck. (Symptoms that led us to suspect another round of CMV.) Our first stop in Logan was at the pediatrician office. By the time we left her appointment, she was already starting to feel better. No CMV, hurray!

Our next stop was Grandpa's house. I love my grandpa. And I love his garden. They are two of the things I miss most about Logan. He was ready and waiting with small boxes of raisins for each of the kids. His garden it growing nicely, and, as usual, his plants are all much larger than mine. The humongous blue spruce that gave Steve the opportunity to win over my grandpa when first started dating has now been replaced with a little swing set, which was a big hit with the kids.

Our next stop was over to the grounds of the Logan Tabernacle for Summerfest. I love Summerfest. We walked around and looked at all of the booths, made crafts in the art tent, ate taco salads from the Cafe Sabor stand, and enjoyed some cotton candy.

We stopped by my uncle's office to say hi and get my cousin's phone number. He gave us her number. . . and invited us to go canoeing with them. We're getting pretty good at meeting up with him at precisely the right time to get invited on boating adventures. Lucky us! So off to First Dam we went for some canoeing.

The kids took turns going out on the canoe and the kayak in various combinations.

Mykaeleigh quacked at the ducks and tricked me into chasing her around. Everywhere.

Rachel went out on a boat solo for her first time ever. And can you see how much better Lucy is feeling?

Uncle Ray was determined to talk Adam into a canoe ride, but Adam was being stubborn and wouldn't get in the boat. He was perfectly happy wading into the water up past his thighs, but no boat. I was pretty surprised when I heard my grandpa pull in and toot his horn. Yes, my 95-year old grandpa still drives.

Throw in a visit with Rachael Bennett and a farewell visit with the Nunns complete with homemade chocolate chip cookies, and there you have it: almost the best day of Lucy's life.


The best day of Lucy's life (so far)

I know this is really late, but the best day of Lucy's life was on May 8, 2010. It needs to be documented before the title is relinquished (as it often is).

Lucy's birthday is on May 14, but due to calendar conflicts including the Ogden Marathon, we decided to host her party a week early. She had been asking for a surprise party for months. I told her you couldn't ask for a surprise party because then it wouldn't be a surprise. So then she finally told me she wanted a frog birthday party. We pulled off both.

Grandma Gloria and Grandpa Richard took Lucy birthday shopping for the morning and the folks from Silly Goose Inflatables came and set up the bounce house in our backyard.

Everyone was in place with balloons (supplied by Angie) for Lucy's arrival.

She was definitely surprised.

The kids jumped and jumped (like frogs) for hours. Steve was the only one who received an injury.

I made these super cute frog cupcakes. (Ha ha, I was a bit rushed and apparently, I lack cupcake decorating skills.)

I should have just let Gracie and Rachel decorate them for me.

Lucy opened her presents.

And tried out her new tennis gear.

The weather was beautiful, and I think everyone enjoyed the party.

Lucy sure did!


My Vacuum

It has been brought to my attention (again) that I never indicated what vacuum I bought after I asked for recommendations and suggestions.

So here it is, the Dyson DC18 Slim:

I ordered it, refurbished, from overstock.com for about $230. I was excited to get a Dyson and I was okay with the price. I liked that it was smaller without giving up half its suction power and almost half its bin capacity (like the DC24). I liked that it picked up amazing amounts of junk from my, presumably clean, carpet. I liked that it picked up things right next to the baseboard without having to use the hose. I liked that it can clean up crumbs from my kitchen floor without spraying them all over in the other direction.

And almost four months later, I still like it. A lot. I can't quite say I love it because it doesn't pick up popcorn seeds very well. And we happen to deal with a lot of popcorn seeds at our house. But I am very pleased to report that Rachel can carry it up the stairs and vacuum all by herself. And sometimes, she actually does!

Thanks for all of the wonderful advice!



We did some West Yellowstone camping:

We saw lots and lots of bison:

We trudged through the rain to see all of the sites (and only lost Adam once):

We ate tacos in a bus:

Derrick showed Rachel how use a wrist-rocket:

The cousins (ten kids under the age of ten) had lots of fun together:

We took turns spitting off the waterfall:

We hiked to the suspension bridge:

We cooked tin foil dinners and Steve made his famous s'mores:

We saw more sites and enjoyed the (brief) sunshine:

On the way home, we stopped at Jenny Lake and rode the boat shuttle:

And then one little girl accidentally did some (very cold) Jenny Lake swimming:

For more pictures and much better descriptions, see here and here.