The best day of Lucy's life (so far)

I know this is really late, but the best day of Lucy's life was on May 8, 2010. It needs to be documented before the title is relinquished (as it often is).

Lucy's birthday is on May 14, but due to calendar conflicts including the Ogden Marathon, we decided to host her party a week early. She had been asking for a surprise party for months. I told her you couldn't ask for a surprise party because then it wouldn't be a surprise. So then she finally told me she wanted a frog birthday party. We pulled off both.

Grandma Gloria and Grandpa Richard took Lucy birthday shopping for the morning and the folks from Silly Goose Inflatables came and set up the bounce house in our backyard.

Everyone was in place with balloons (supplied by Angie) for Lucy's arrival.

She was definitely surprised.

The kids jumped and jumped (like frogs) for hours. Steve was the only one who received an injury.

I made these super cute frog cupcakes. (Ha ha, I was a bit rushed and apparently, I lack cupcake decorating skills.)

I should have just let Gracie and Rachel decorate them for me.

Lucy opened her presents.

And tried out her new tennis gear.

The weather was beautiful, and I think everyone enjoyed the party.

Lucy sure did!


congercrew said...

It looks like Lucy and Savannah would get along well. Savannah will be 6 in September, and she's been planning her birthday party for months.

P90X Group said...

There is nothing better than a great party! How fun, kids are so easy to please.


@udj said...

you are and awesome mom! and your kids are so awesome too! i love lucy's birthdays.

Mindy said...

Happy Birthday Lucy! Looks like she had a great day. I love the big smile picture at the end.

Julee said...

I can't believe Lucy is 6!! She's so adorable. :)