My Vacuum

It has been brought to my attention (again) that I never indicated what vacuum I bought after I asked for recommendations and suggestions.

So here it is, the Dyson DC18 Slim:

I ordered it, refurbished, from overstock.com for about $230. I was excited to get a Dyson and I was okay with the price. I liked that it was smaller without giving up half its suction power and almost half its bin capacity (like the DC24). I liked that it picked up amazing amounts of junk from my, presumably clean, carpet. I liked that it picked up things right next to the baseboard without having to use the hose. I liked that it can clean up crumbs from my kitchen floor without spraying them all over in the other direction.

And almost four months later, I still like it. A lot. I can't quite say I love it because it doesn't pick up popcorn seeds very well. And we happen to deal with a lot of popcorn seeds at our house. But I am very pleased to report that Rachel can carry it up the stairs and vacuum all by herself. And sometimes, she actually does!

Thanks for all of the wonderful advice!

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Debra said...

My vacuum picks up popcorn seeds like a charm! I told you electrolux was the way to go. ;)