We did some West Yellowstone camping:

We saw lots and lots of bison:

We trudged through the rain to see all of the sites (and only lost Adam once):

We ate tacos in a bus:

Derrick showed Rachel how use a wrist-rocket:

The cousins (ten kids under the age of ten) had lots of fun together:

We took turns spitting off the waterfall:

We hiked to the suspension bridge:

We cooked tin foil dinners and Steve made his famous s'mores:

We saw more sites and enjoyed the (brief) sunshine:

On the way home, we stopped at Jenny Lake and rode the boat shuttle:

And then one little girl accidentally did some (very cold) Jenny Lake swimming:

For more pictures and much better descriptions, see here and here.


Lori said...

growing up we went to yellowstone every year. my parents had us sleep in a hotel and we'd drive the park for our outing. i never knew there was so much to do... looking at your pics it makes me want to go back and actually CAMP. what a fun trip!

Stephanie said...

I love how you briefly describe your beautiful pictures and tell us to look for more elsewhere. You're adorable.

@udj said...

i love your pictures and trip recap. we are thinking if we should try to go this year or plan it for the future. i'll probably call you to talk it all through. :)