Ballard Family Lagoon Day 2010

Grandma Gloria took the Ballard Family to Lagoon last week. It is one of our very favorite summer traditions and the kids look forward to it for months. Rachel and Lucy went with Mike & Angie's family and I caught up with the group in the evening after taking Steve to the doctor in Logan.

As I was getting the girls ready to go (apparently, I forgot to do their hair) Lucy asked, "Do I have to ride all of the little kid rides with Sam again this year?" I told her no, that she was tall enough to ride the big rides. But look what SHE chose. . .

She was absolutely delighted with all of the Kiddieland rides. I am not quite sure what we will do next year, since she is already taller than the maximum height allowed for many of the rides.

There was a power outage that affected many of the rides throughout the park. I didn't really mind since even the swings didn't work out for me and my sinus cold. We enjoyed some nice leisurely rides that I would normally skip over, like the train.

And the ferris wheel. It's a good thing we were able to catch a beautiful sunset. . . since we spent at least 45 minutes in line.

Here's the group. We left Adam, Gretchen, and Logan home so there was only one addition (Mykaeleigh) to last year's group.

The bonus of the day was that because of the power outage, they validated our passes to return for free within thirty days. So. . . watch for more pictures from Lagoon later this month!

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Rebecca said...

Reading/Looking at your blog makes me want to start blogging again...here's to better blogging days for me:)