Best Firework Show of the Year

Steve came home from work a couple weeks ago, "Did you know that the Lindquist Family pays for the entire firework show at Weber State? They aren't just sponsors, they pay for the whole thing!"

Apparently, the Lindquist Family Symphony Pops Concert and Fireworks is an annual birthday celebration for Telitha Lindquist, who is a pretty amazing lady:

Telitha Ellis Lindquist, wife of John A. Lindquist, was born in Ogden, reared in England, and graduated from the University of Utah with a B.A. in business administration in 1942. She is a past president of the Junior League of Ogden, Ogden Symphony-Ballet Association, Children’s Aid Society of Utah, the Y.W.C.A Advisory Board, the Weber County Library Development Foundation Board, Utah Musical Theater Advisory Board, Ogden Symphony-Ballet Association Foundation, Ladies Literary Club, Drama Club of Ogden, Chareya Club, Federated Club of Weber County Republican Women, and Questers, Blue Willow Chapter. At Weber State University she also served on the boards of the Stewart Library and the Visual Arts Department. She and Mr. Lindquist initiated the annual family sponsorship of the Ogden Summer Pops Concert and Fireworks at Weber State University in 1979. They are substantial contributors to Weber State University, where the alumni house is named for them and the Telitha E. Lindquist College of Arts and Humanities is named for her. The mother of seven children, Telitha Lindquist was Ogden’s Mother of the Year in 1986. In 1991 she received an honorary doctorate of humanities from Weber State University, and in 1993 the University of Utah awarded her with a Merit of Honor.

"If we are ever filthy rich," Steve continued, "that's what I am going to do. A party with 50,000 people, now that's how to celebrate a birthday."

We went straight to the spot we had scoped out last year: a nice, grassy water retention ditch, perfect for trapping kids. Unfortunately, there were some other parents who had the same idea. Only they had no intention of supervising their kids. At all.

We were obviously trying to take a group photo here. This little girl thought she should join us. Her mother was actually watching her, just didn't bother to do anything to stop her from trying to join our family. I am not sure if Angie is laughing because of the girl or because I was so bothered that the girl wouldn't move.

The little wandering girl and her brother wanted me to take individual pictures of them too. I was about to take one, just to appease them, but then I thought that might be a little creepy.

So we tried to keep to ourselves, swinging Kaleigh (Who is in favor of this modified change in spelling?) back and forth in the blanket until she was laughing herself silly.

And of course, we played with some fire.

Good times, and definitely the best firework show of the year.


blakeandcourt said...

ahhh, love fireworks. Hate when uninvited kids try to crash family gatherings...especially if the parents don't care. Sorry, that is just one of my pet peeves and why I hate going to crowded kid hot spots.

Julee said...

We sure had some fun firework shows on our street, good times~ too bad it has to come to an end.