Dear Becky,

You probably thought I forgot your birthday. I promise, I didn't. I planned on pulling out some old pictures and posting 29 of them on your birthday to celebrate your 29th birthday. I looked and looked, but I didn't find very many. The digital copies of the ones I found were scanned at a low resolution and don't look very good. And I guess we really didn't take very many pictures back in high school.

I can't even remember when or how we first met. Sophomore basketball team maybe? But I sure do have lots of great memories with you. Here are 29:

1. Moving to Logan after we graduated and the summer of Cambridge Court. (Can you believe we were only seventeen?)
2. Fishing trip to the Uintas. And the subsequent swimming in Paradise Park Reservoir.
3. That time we tried to wear a different t-shirt everyday for 100 days.
4. Driving Corndog (the only stick-shift mini van I've ever seen) over the snowbanks in the parking lot, trying to catch some air.
5. Being rescued by Search and Rescue from the cliff behind Steinaker.
6. Saving up our money to buy bikes and riding them to school our senior year. And the bike ride out to Lapoint.
7. That time you kissed my brother Sam on stage at the MTV concert at Utah State.
8. Putting on every layer of clothing we had with us and jumping on the train in Green River, Wyoming in subzero temperatures.
9. Simplot Games.
10. Burning bags of sheep poo. Otherwise remembered as "the time you swore at me and threw me in the back seat because I didn't know how to drive stick-shift and was a terrible getaway driver".
11. Sharing headphones to listen to Smashing Pumpkins and Tonic on basketball trips.
12. Throwing rotten tomatoes at Sarah Jolley's house, hiding from police in the cornfield, and then getting yelled at by Nyle.
13. That time we thought we were going to make money cleaning windows. And then we cracked the huge window at Zions Bank.
14. Your collection of empty Ruby Red Squirt bottles.
15. Stake dancing with Tracie Jenkins, pretending we were bums, and getting pulled over by the police for curfew violation. (I actually have pictures of this, but decided to spare us all the humiliation.)
16. Working at Subway and being bribed by your sister to do ridiculous things like lick the veggie drain to earn stamps.
17. Working at Discovery Research, quitting Discovery Research, and then walking up and down Main Street in Logan looking for new jobs.
18. Senior Prom. Two hit-and-runs, and then we had to call our parents to pick us up because our dates locked their keys in the car at the end of the night.
19. Jumping off the bridge at First Dam. Every day after we got sent home from work. (What a life. . .)
20. That time you told your parents you were spending the night at my house and I told my parents I was spending the night at your house and we were going to go camping at Red Fleet. But then we didn't.
21. Newton Dam.
22. Driving 130 mph in your dad's Camaro.
23. Canoeing with the carp on the Bear River, hitch-hiking back to our car, wondering if we were being kidnapped, and then realizing the driver was just taking a shortcut through the hills.
24. That time my dad came downstairs and asked you and Clay three things you liked about my basement and three things you didn't like.
25. Driving up and down Green Canyon with a canoe on the roof, just so people would ask where the lake was.
26. Walking to Denny's from our hotel in St. George for shakes, Coach Putnam calling the police, getting sent to Saturday school, having to clean out the basketball closets, and finding those sweet white bell bottom warm-ups. (I still have mine.)
27. Midnight Mass.
28. Making up ridiculous stories and insisting they were true. Like that you were the first test tube baby.
29. That time we thought it would be cool to canoe Logan River. And almost died.

My life has been less exciting (and substantially safer) over the last ten years since you moved away. When people ask me if I liked living in Vernal, it's hard to imagine what it would have been like without you. Sometimes I wish you would move back to civilization and then sometimes I am jealous that you get to live the way you do. You are the only person I know who lets her daughter nap with a bobcat. And you are the only friend I have who has to drive 2 hours to get to the store.

Happy Birthday. Hope it was wonderful.

Look at this amazing place (The Book Cliffs) Becky gets to call home:


The Ballard's said...

Full on jealous. I laughed out loud while reading this & I am sure that there is more to some of those stories. Becky, for my sake I hope you come to visit, but not stay, there is no way I could compete with that:)

James and Jade Bethers said...

I still have my sweet white bell bottom warm ups as well. Those are a priceless piece of highschool history! Happy Birthday Bucket!!!

Mindy said...

Those made me laugh out loud. And wish I couldv'e seen some of them. Not been a part of, just watched :) I miss you crazy girls. Happy Birthday Snicker Dick!

Rebecca said...

What an amazing birthday letter. What a great friend...makes me think I had a really boring time in high school. Is mom going to be mad about these or does she already know:)?

emily ballard said...

Sorry, Mom.