Loved the Bounceback

We BOUNCEBACKed to Lagoon last night and had a great time. Two things I learned. #1 Lagoon is more fun with Steve. He really does love that place. #2 Half-days at Lagoon are much more enjoyable than going for the full day.

Rachel takes after Steve and loves Lagoon too. She probably won't mind when we all go to Lagoon and have a firework show in lieu of a funeral when her father dies.

Mykaeleigh was quite delighted with all of the rides. I think she has now ridden every single one she is tall enough for.

It was Adam's first time to Lagoon. We only lost him once. I was coming off the Tidal Wave with Rachel and Lucy and Steve was standing there with just Mykaeleigh. He hadn't even noticed Adam was missing. Just a few panicked minutes running through Kiddieland before Steve found him over by the swings.

Rachel is now tall enough to ride every single ride in the park. She loves the scary ones: Wicked, Cliffhanger, Samurai, Colossus. It works out perfectly: Steve has someone to ride with and I am content hanging out with the little kids. Derrick kept offering to let me go ride the big rides, but really, I just enjoyed watching everyone. And that makes me feel old.

I did thoroughly enjoy riding the white roller coaster with Lucy: a first for her. But Lucy only wanted to go on the roller coaster with me because she was so scared. She would much rather go on the rides with Shawna and Derrick. Again, that makes me feel old. (Don't get me wrong, it's probably about time I started to feel old. Most of the time, I still feel like I'm 20 and then I look around and remember I have all of these kids. . .)

Adam liked most of the rides. His lip still quivers when he talks about how he does not want to go to Dracula's Castle again. He wasn't so happy with how wet he got on the Hydro Luge either. But riding next to him on the Musik Express made it worth all of the effort of taking him. He laughed uncontrollably the entire ride. My mouth hurt from smiling so much.

Mykaeleigh attracted a small crowd of people watching her play in the water fountains. I really should have videotaped it.

I was excited to try out my plan for the fountains. I figured the kids would fall asleep on the way home and didn't want them to go to bed all dirty from Lagoon. So we let the kids run through the fountains on the way out and changed them into pajamas in the car. Their pseudo-baths were enough to get them through the night. . . but of course, since actually had a plan. . . they were still awake after when we got home.

And now for the good news: the free passes we got because of the power outage during our last trip to Lagoon are also eligible for Bouncebacks. So. . . after using the passes that Steve's mom purchased for us, we will be able to return to Lagoon three additional times for only $20 per person. (Not bad!)

I think this is turning into the Summer of Lagoon.


Rebecca said...

What great pictures Em...I really am starting to feel like posting some pictures again thanks to you:)

Callisters said...

Looks like fun. I am with you and I don't mind being preggo or nursing when we go to Lagoon because then it is a good excuse of why I can't go! But the sad thing is Carson really doesn't like the rides too much either, my kids have no luck! I am glad you are realizing you are not 20 anymore! I mean you are a Grandma now....

Hope all is going well for you guys. I look forward to Carson having a job again so we can come back and eat! Have a good day.

The Millers said...

Fun post. I really do like Lagoon, and have since I was a kid. We went every summer when I was growing up, and I always looked forward to it. I agree with you about half day being better than full day. When we go and try to do Lagoon a Beach in the morning, and then change into clothes and do rides in the afternoon it is a bit stressful and very exhausting.

Your kids are so cute. My kids are certainly the worst pen pals in the entire world, and the fact that Rachel still thinks there is a chance Elle will write her back just speaks to your daughters optimism! Seriously, I am hoping there will be something in the mail for them soon. Elle LOVED the puzzle letter, and the kids loved the postcards. I wish we were more consistent. . . . .