Ogden Pioneer Days Rodeo

When we participated in the Childrens Parade last Saturday, we were given tickets to the Ogden Pioneer Days Rodeo.

At five dollars, that was the most expensive and most useful snow cone I've ever purchased. It was the only thing that kept Adam in his seat. And since it was about a hundred degrees outside, I needed a break from running up and down the bleachers chasing him around.

I tried to relocate close to the action. But one of the ushers wasn't impressed that he was sliding down the handrail or climbing on the fence.

I was glad to be down in front when the Sheriff's Posse did their shootout thing. Adam was startled, but went straight for his gun.

Good times. But I could only handle chasing him around for so long. We left early.


Mrs B said...

I LOVE his cowboy gear. What a doll. Also, pretty sure that guy in the red shirt is my husband's uncle. Sweet! I could not force myself to go in the blasted heat, even though P would have loved it. What a good mom you are!

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