Planes, Trains, and Automobiles (and Horses too!)

Yep, all in one day.

We met Ronny Kemp out at his hangar for a long-awaited plane ride for the family.

The skies were blue. . .

And we were hungry. So as soon as Steve, Rachel, and Adam went up in the air, the rest of us went to Doolittle's Deli for a late breakfast. Have you been yet? (Try the Chicken Pesto Calzone!)

Rachel sat in the front and got to steer the plane. Apparently, she had a hard time keeping her hands off the steering wheel when she wasn't supposed to be steering the plane.

And then it was our turn. Lucy is loud enough on her own. Imagine what she was like with a microphone next to her mouth.

The views were incredible.

We went up Weber Canyon.

Over Huntsville.

Up far enough for a peak at Causey Dam.

And then over to see an aerial view of a humongous cabin under construction.

Back over Pineview Reservoir.

A good view of Snowbasin.

And down through Ogden Canyon. Then I had to put my camera away while someone got sick to their stomach.

It wasn't any of these kids. . .

What a ride. (Note that most of us are still smiling.)

That evening, we went to the Downtown Hoedown at the plaza in front of the Salomon Center to kick off Ogden Pioneer Days. There was music, dancing, fake-steer roping, a demonstration by the Pro Tour FMX Motocross stunt team, the best chips and salsa in the state, and horse rides from a few members of the Weber County Sheriff's Posse. We met up with Paul and girlfriend, and then ran into Sam and family too.

Sam and family had come down to Ogden to eat at Sonora Grill and ride the Jupiter Express. So we joined them.

I had to include these because it was kind of odd to watch the (very impressive) motocross stunts with the temple so close in the background.


Rebecca said...

Oh wow! Those aerial photos are awesome! I am still sad I missed the nighttime rendevoux that night:(

Jaci said...

Wow! You really do find tons of fun in down town Ogden! You are such a fun mom! I'm glad you posted this link on FB-- I always forget to check blogs!
Your family is darling, and I have NOT forgot about your little granddaughter. I hope to find some time and steal her one of these days! ;)