The Third of July

Derrick and Shawna at the annual 4th of July BBQ at Richard & Gloria's house.

(Bunny ears provided by Rachel.)

I really want an SLR camera. But then I get good shots like these and think maybe my camera is just fine.

Sometimes when we are trying to take a group picture with the kids, it makes me think back to the time we tried to get a picture of the grandkids at Kiddie Kandids. (The only time.) We had Ethan, Gracie, Jack, and Rachel. . . and it was an absolute circus trying to get them all to sit still and look at the camera. Imagine what it would be like now. . . especially if we added the four Florida grandkids too!

We did some water balloon launching and some water balloon catching. And then, for some reason, I got fired as activities director.

Next up was the water balloon toss. Steve tried to get it set up, but the kids weren't listening. So Angie stepped in with her sweet Primary President skills. Hmmm. . . maybe that's why I got fired. I need some of those skills. (I love how even Shawna is following her instructions to "touch your ears".)

Guess who won?

I was very surprised/impressed to see who won second place. . . until I looked through all of the pictures. Gretchen was always in perfect form, unlike Gracie, whose strategy was to get up even taller on her tippy toes.

These two boys were hilarious to watch. They played well together and wrestled well together. Sure wish Sam lived closer.

And then we all enjoyed some good driveway fireworks, courtesy of the family pyro, Mike. No messing around with punks (does anyone use those anymore?) or even lighters for him. . . check out his yellow torch.

Thanks, Gloria, for hosting another fun night.


The Ballard's said...

I cracked up about your "getting fired comment". There is a lot of chiefs when we get together:) And in Gracie's defense, I am sure she thought if she used her tippy toes to create a delicate spring she would have more cushion to her catch:)
And Mike, what can I say. He uses that very same technique for killing ants in our driveway!
You got some good pictures, too bad my girls hair was not cute like at the beginning of the day. Too bad I am that shallow:/

Rebecca said...

GREAT pictures! Did you get the SLR???

Rebecca said...

and I love the first picture of Derrick.

clawson said...

Emily I had the treat of my life last Fri. I went to your grandpa's house and had the best time. What a great man. First off, I was amazed at the tomato cages! I can't wait to go back and see the tomatoes filling the whole thing. He treated me to some great stories, and a tour of the garden, and then two bags full of his lettuce and herbs. He called me on my cell phone right after I talked to you the other day. I couldn't miss visiting with him. It was a treat for sure. You've got the best grandpa around:) Lisa

Lori said...

ha! that's great! i didn't know Gloria and Richard moved. i'm trying to place where they are but my Utah radar is broken. your kids look adorable, per usual. happy july 4th!

Joanie said...

Your camera must be a really nice point-and-shoot because I thought you had a DSLR for awhile now. Your pictures are always great. The nice thing about a DSLR is just the super fast shutter speed. You don't miss the moment as much because they focus quickly and shoot 3x a second. (I made up that statistic, but that's what it seems like). But your camera seems to be treating you just fine!