Why My Kids Love Me

Sometimes I ask my kids why they love me. Rachel and Lucy's answers almost always have something to do with me buying them cute clothes. (Never what I am looking for.) So then I ask them if that means they wouldn't love me anymore if I quit buying them clothes. And then they tell me they love me because I take them to do fun things. I won't ever quit taking them to do fun things. So I guess they will always love me. They certainly should after Saturday.

They started out bright and early with their cousins and their decorated bikes at the Ogden Pioneer Days Childrens Parade.

It was held on Washington Boulevard and went all the way from 21st Street to 26th Street, which was a little too far for Adam to push himself on his plasma car. Being pulled behind the trailer was more fun anyway.

Everyone had a great time and was all smiles. Except for me. I was dying in the heat. We sat around for a few minutes and tried to decide what to do with the rest of the day. . . Go to the Farmers Market? Play at the park? Go watch a movie in an air-conditioned theater? Eat lunch at Sonora Grill?

Yes, yes, yes, and yes. Add a train ride on the Jupiter Express, bumper cars at Fat Cats, playing in the fountains in front of the Salomon Center, and that's what I call a fun day.

Hope Angie agreed. She's the one who got to haul everyone (and our bikes) around. Yes, we fit nine people, six bikes, one plasma car, and a bike trailer in her truck (for very short distances).


Rachel said...

You are definitely fun, but you buy them cute clothes as well. Love Lucy's dress. Looks like a great day.

Rebecca said...

I LOVE Lucy's dress! I feel like such a boooooring mom...I guess my kids will have to love me for something else:)

Jason said...

Reminds me of the original scraper bikes... http://originalscraperbikes.blogspot.com/