"It's a paradox: To achieve continuity, we have to be willing to change. Change is, in fact, the only way to protect whatever exists, for without continuous readjustment the present cannot continue. The refusal to change will not guarantee that whatever we care about stays the same. It only assures that whatever we care about has been deprived of the very thing it needs in order to survive. A marriage, a career, a dream for the future, even a picture of the past: Each of these things is being primed for destruction if it does not change over time. . . The very things we now wish that we could hold onto and keep safe from change were themselves originally produced by changes. No matter how solid and comfortable and necessary the status quo feels today, it was once new, untried, and uncomfortable. Change is not only the path ahead, but it is also the path behind us, the one which we traveled along to wherever we are now trying to stay."
William Bridges, The Way of Transition

I gave Adam and Paul haircuts on Saturday evening. Adam's hair was not supposed to end up this short. He looks a little like Cailou, which is one of my least favorite cartoons ever made. Mothers have to listen to enough whiney kids of their own. Why in the world would they want to listen to another one on tv?

. . . . .

The girls go back to school tomorrow morning. I overheard Rachel and Lucy talking to each other in their room. It went a little like this:

Rachel: I know what you're thinking, Lucy.
Lucy: What?
Rachel: I bet you're thinking, I hope I make new friends at school.
Lucy: Nope. I was thinking that I wish I had a pony.


blakeandcourt said...

I love that excerpt about change, it's so true. Thanks for the tip on Glenwood Springs. We went there for our 1st anniversary & have always wanted to go back-I don't know why we didn't think of it for our last trip. Oh well--next time!

Ryanne said...

I really liked that excerpt too. And I love the conversation between your girls; I can guess what's on Rachel's mind :)

Kristin said...

So cute. The haircut is not bad. I'm getting sad caleb is going to school. I used to be excited but I'm getting scared.

Rebecca said...

Oh my goodness! Thanks for making me laugh with that Lucy quote. I love that girl! But really, thanks for that first quote. I so needed that tonight.