Double Gross

We have a winner for the identify-all-of-the-gross-food-on-the-floor-of-my-car contest.
(So I thought I would post another gross picture.)

Congratulations, Angie. You are the winner!
I am going to find a really cool prize for you.

Ummm. Didn't Mike have a rat tail in high school?
Rachel wants to know if Grandma Gloria approved. "She seems like someone who wouldn't let her kids have a rat tail."

Here are the ten snacks:
1. Goldfish
2. Pretzels
3. Granola bars
4. Crackers
5. Nutri-grain bars
6. Cheeseburger (hamburger was close enough)
7. Fries
8. Cookie Crisp cereal
9. Nibs
10. Dried pears

And here are seven more. Particles of these items may or may not have also made it to the floor:
11. No bake cookies/chocolate haystacks/cowboy cookies
12. Laffy Taffy ropes
13. Sour Patch Kids
14. Chewing gum
15. Peanut butter & jelly sandwiches
16. Raisins
17. Fruit snacks

Let's see how many cavities we have at our next dentist appointments. . . .

Pictures of the fabulous trip coming soon.


The Ballard's said...

That picture is cool in a very sick way. I love it when I WIN!!. I am not sure Mike had a rat tail, but he did in fact have a sweet mullet. Even if he did have one, they were the cool thing, I am sure any mother would be disgusted, but they were trendy enough that it was not out right rebellion. I will have to check with him.

Molly said...