All Grown Up

Adam started preschool last month, and I couldn't be more excited. Well, actually, I would be more excited if it lasted an hour or so longer each day. I took these pictures at "Back to School" day because I didn't want to bother his wonderful teacher, Miss Jill, on the real first day of school.

But then, as it turned out, I was a good ten minutes late picking him up after the first day of preschool and missed the crowd of parents, so I decided to take a new picture. . . to document the unusually warm weather. Adam is fake crying that he has to go home. And then he ran away and wouldn't let me take a shot of him with Miss Jill. So she just went ahead and climbed up on the playground equipment and posed for a picture with him right where he was. See, I told you she was wonderful.

Miss Jill claims that all kids are good at preschool, but I am afraid that she is going to have her hands full with Adam. I walked him in for the first day and went to tell her that she was going to need to watch him closely or he would escape. I turned back around, and he was already gone.

Since two days a week for two hours per day is not nearly enough of a break for me, Adam is also going to preschool once a week in Logan. He LOVES going to preschool with his cousins, India and Fred. It is kind of neat taking him to the same preschool that Rachel and Lucy went to. (I also taught there when I was pregnant with Adam.) On the first day of school, he ran right in the door, hung up his backpack, and was in the other room playing with his cousins before I even made it up the front steps.

And let's be honest. . . I don't mind having an excuse to go to Logan. I kind of like it there. . . especially in the fall.

I think Adam looks all grown up in his new school clothes. At three-and-a-half years old, he has actually waited longer than both of the girls to go to preschool. Ironic. . . since I have been so eager to have him go.

These photos show Rachel on her first day of preschool (January 2006) and Lucy on her first day of preschool (September 2006). Oh, how I miss little Lucy and her raspy voice. If it were possible, I really would have kept her at that age forever. As for Adam, we are looking forward to him passing through this mischievous/destructive/pooped your pants twice today/mashed melted silly putty into my new sheets and down comforter age quickly. As soon as possible, please.


Kacie said...

Oh my gosh! Rachel and Lucy look SO CUTE! I kind of forgot what they used to look like when they were tiny. They are ADORABLE! And I miss Lucy's voice too. Although she is really entertaining now...

I am glad the kids all get to go to school together too!

Julee said...

It seems like yesterday you brought Adam home from the hospital! Crazy!

byoung said...

um you come to logan once a week?? maybe you should call me or something! sometime when you are bored, does that ever happen to you??