Back to Preschool

I went to go drop Adam off at his preschool Halloween party yesterday and one of the teachers came running out after me, "Wait, wait, wait!" They were short a teacher (conveniently sick on the craziest day of the year) and needed some help.

Ummm. . . sure. Not quite what I had in mind for my day, but okay.

I ran the play dough station and taught the kids about the Spiral Jetty and worked on perfecting my favorite play dough skill: making a cube.

Before the big parade, the kids got their wiggles out with some crazy dancing. Kaleigh got to help Junie B. Jones play the piano. She seems to have a way of getting what she wants.

And then it was time for the big parade. (Actually, just a walk down to the end of the block.) Adam fell down three times. (Kaleigh was completely focused on walking in a straight line and didn't fall down at all.) Doesn't she look old?

Here's the group. One of the teachers asked me if I missed the chaos of teaching preschool. With a ratio of one teacher for every five or six kids, it didn't really feel much different than life at home.

Except I don't get paid. And I don't get to send them home at the end of the day. And I have about a hundred other distractions and responsibilities, at any given time.

But they're mine. And I love them. AND I get to trim their fingernails whenever I want.


Kacie said...

Crap...were my kids fingernails long? Was that comment directed at me?

And funny that when I asked my kids about what they did at the party, neither one mentioned that you had been there. They are spacy.

emily ballard said...

No, that was NOT directed towards you.

I know I have a problem. . . but it used to drive me crazy when I taught there.