Black Island Farms (Round 1 & 2)

We went to Black Island Farms for our first time back at the end of September. I've never been willing to pay the regular ticket price, so Debra organized a little field trip with her preschool group and invited us along. At $3.50 per kid, it was an absolute bargain.

We went on a hayride and all of the kids got to pick out a pumpkin. I forgot my camera at home, but at least my phone takes decent pictures.

There were so many fun activities, and we mostly had the place to ourselves. There was a pumpkin bounce house, corn mazes, pig races, and giant slides. They really have enough things that we could have stayed all day, but we didn't plan on the weather being so warm. We ran out of our water, and there wasn't much shade for the little ones. And I could barely keep my eyes open because we had gotten home so late from our Las Vegas trip.

But we had a great time and Adam got to hang out with his cute little girlfriend.

I was excited when I found out that Adam's preschool was going to Black Island Farms for a field trip. We went last Wednesday and invited Audrey and boys to join us. Half of the moms in Weber County joined us too. The parking lot was completely full of minivans and there were hundreds of little kids running around.

This would have been the best picture ever, but I was a few seconds too slow. There were dozens of kids (and parents) out in the pumpkin patch, and this little boy just dropped his pants and went to the bathroom. The funny part was that nobody seemed to notice. Why does everyone have to notice when Adam pees in public?

Even though I did remember my camera, I didn't take very many pictures because I felt so sick. But I did get a couple shots of these funny kids.


Ryanne said...

That's looks like so much fun and a great deal!

Kristin said...

We are going to the heritage center tonight yee haw. Oh by the way I sent your grandpa a letter with a few pictures today. :)