Busy Weekends

Our weekends used to be pretty boring. . . while the rest of the world was out playing, Steve would go to work and I would stay home with the kids and clean. At some point, people started planning things on the weekends, without taking Steve's work schedule into consideration. These days our weekends are packed just like everyone else's. Our house is messier too.

Last weekend, I was in charge of the food at the school carnival. I got to watch Rachel's class dance, but missed Lucy's because I was en route to Sonora Grill for more ice. Just like last year, the kids' most favorite aunt with no children came and spent the evening taking them around to all of the carnival games. Thanks, Karen!

We really need to schedule the school carnival for a weekend other than the Harvest Moon Festival next year. We missed a few of their fun activities.

We did get to see Steve at Little Cherry Blossom's dunk tank:

All of the kids tried to knock him down into the (freezing cold) water. As it turns out, Jake and Rachel really know how to throw:

The little kids enjoyed a little train ride:

Everyone (yep, even Angie) painted something from Color Me Mine:

There was some sweet people (and dog) watching: Can you believe the size of that dog?!?

And the clown made each of the kids a neat balloon gun:

We went home and met some new friends: (Real ones and fake ones too.) It looks like Adam was hoping for more than just a friend.

And then got to work packing for our trip to Las Vegas. Sheesh, do you think I've taken enough pictures lately? I am loving the convenience of the camera on my phone.


Josh McFarland said...

Looks like Adam's into older women.

Lori said...

you are so good about doing things sans hubby. looks like fun!