Colors of Fall

Sardine Canyon was beautiful today.

And the colors in the valley were absolutely stunning.


The Ballard's said...

Sometimes/every Monday, I get jealous that you go to Logan without me.

Kacie said...

Ya...Logan is pretty awesome. You (and Angie) should move here.

emily ballard said...

Kacie, when you are stuck in an inversion all winter and we have sunny, blue skies, we will invite you to move here.

Tanna said...

Wow Emily, those are BEAUTIFUL photos!

@udj said...

that dang inversion.
last thursday i was wishing i lived in logan.
and right now i'm wanting those apples,
and grapes.
can you still pick grapes after it freezes?
you are a great photographer.
i love these shots.
happy harvesting to you into november.
no explosions :)

emily ballard said...

In this area, grapes are typically picked after the first frost when the sugar content is at its peak. This fall was so warm that I didn't wait.

My kids, especially Lucy, have been traumatized by the canning explosion. She gets very anxious when anything is on the stove. . . keeps asking when I am going to be finished canning.

Ryanne said...

These pictures should be in a magazine, they're gorgeous.