The End of Summer. . . or so we thought

I have waited and waited and waited for Kacie or Rebecca to write about our Malouf Family Labor Day weekend getaway. . . but nothing. It's been almost a month, so I guess it's time for me to do it.

I don't even want to try to recall the morning we left; everything went wrong. After I scared myself (and my kids) half to death driving the trailer with the wave runners up the narrow canyon, we all finally made it up to our condo at Wolf Creek in time for a late lunch.

Our three families stayed at the Black Moose Chateau. It was absolutely perfect. The condo is beautiful and has a very welcoming feel to it. And the place is huge; there was plenty of room for everyone. . . we didn't even use all of the bedrooms.

And then we were off to Pineview Reservoir.

Where we rode wave runners:

Played in the sand:

And played in the water:

Which made for some happy kids:

Resulting in some very happy moms:

Seriously, could Finn get any cuter?

Kaleigh was laughing so hard that she was holding her belly:

The kids posed for some pictures:

Sam stick-fighted with Fred and . . . and posed for a few glamour shots himself:

We enjoyed a beautiful sunset:

And Talmage thanked the weather gods:

Steve told me it was the most fun he'd had all summer. I believe him. (Notice the look on Adam's face. He was far more concerned about his sand creations than he was about riding the wave runners. He takes his sand-building very seriously.)

Day 2 was spent at the condo pool. All day long.

It was the perfect little trip; we can't wait to go back next year.

We really did think we were soaking up the end of summer. But this Indian Summer has given us another month of beautiful weather. . . more on the other things we've been doing later.


Ryanne said...

I love the sand mermaid picture. And what a perfect get away for your families to create unforgettable memories.

Rebecca said...

Thanks for taking one for the team Em:) You do it so well! I'll be putting a link to this post on my blog. Gracias:)

Lori said...

looks like a fantastic trip!