Grandma Gloria's Party

Grandma Gloria turned 60 on Sunday and we had dinner at our house to celebrate. We (well, actually, it was mostly Steve) made Baked Chicken Croissants, Spaghetti Squash, Couscous, and Green Beans.

After dinner, Angie and I took the kids downstairs and helped them each make one of these tennis ball people to give to Gloria. The kids had written five reasons why they love Grandma Gloria on little slips of paper, which were stuffed inside each of the mouths.

Here are Rachel's, Lucy's, and Adam's.


With the help of their tennis ball people, they sang Happy Birthday to Gloria and then stood in line to present her with their presents.

She read every piece of paper, one by one. The kids loved it.

This grandma is jumping into the sixties with some sweet new technology at her fingertips. She got a brand new MacBook, and we pitched in towards a digital camera for her birthday. Before you know it, she'll probably be ready to start a blog. . .

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