I NEVER Thought I Would Hear Him Say It

But tonight, he did.

"It's too bad we don't still have The Daddle."

. . . . .

In other news, we had another close call today.

The top half of our Yakima roof box blew off while I was driving 65 mph through Sardine Canyon this morning.

Thankful (amazed) it didn't hit another car or cause a major accident?


Thankful that a nice man in a truck stopped right behind me and retrieved the broken roof box, loaded it into his truck, and offered to drive it the remainder of the way to Logan for me. . . in the pouring rain?


Thankful that Steve specifically prayed for our safety as we traveled to Logan during our family prayer this morning?


Thankful for answered prayers?



Kristin said...

I laughed really hard when I read about the saddle but not about the almost accident. Glad someone helped you out!!

MaRea Hess said...

I never knew there was a thing called The Daddle?! Very interesting, a little weird, his extrem response was warranted.

That is scary having items fly off your car at extrem speeds. I'm glad your all ok, im sure it was scary! Kyle and I had our Hood on our car pop up driving past Willard on the freeway, I guess our men should latch those critical hooks;)!

Thanks for dropping off that stuff.

Lori said...

so glad you're alright!