Sarah Sample (Giveaway)

Sarah Sample's CD Release Show is taking place in Salt Lake City right now. I wish I was there to take part in the festivities, but I am home sick.

Actually, if I weren't sick, I would be going to my Relief Society scrapbooking activity. And, sadly, I am also missing Kelly's Tupperware Berserk. Scrapbooking. . . Tupperware parties. . have I turned into a bona fide Utah mom?

But back to Sarah Sample. Many years ago, Sarah worked for Steve as a server at Cafe Sabor. In addition to being a very talented singer/songwriter, she possesses some amazing limbo skills. (Too bad my video footage is so poor.) And she also, unknowingly, gave me a lot of confidence when I was a new mom.

I was making myself an Island Oasis smoothie and Sarah was talking about backpacking somewhere. . maybe the Wind Rivers. . . and said that she would like to go on a backpacking trip with me and Steve someday. I gave my default response about having a new baby and not being able to do things like that. Without missing a beat, she said, "Whatever, just bring her with us!"

That brief comment helped me realize #1 kids didn't have to prevent me from doing what I wanted to do and #2 there were actually some people without kids who didn't mind hanging out with people with kids. Both very poignant lessons that have served me well.

Buy Sarah's new album, Someday Someday, here.

Get a free download from the album here.

Go here, scroll down, and click on Tour Dates to find Sarah in a town near you.

And now for a giveaway:

Post a comment (share an important life lesson, if you'd like) to be entered into a contest to win a copy of one of Sarah's other albums, Never Close Enough. The winner will be randomly drawn and announced on Monday, October 18. And then I will sincerely attempt to deliver (or mail) the cd to you in a timely manner.

Listen to one of my favorite tracks from the album, Count the Colors, here, and enjoy a little bit of Bear Lake nostalgia.


@udj said...

i think everyone that has met sarah sample remembers what she first said to them. i first saw her on her retro cruiser by the fine arts building and thought she looked cool. then one day, as i came out of the photo lab, she was rushing to finish a project and she said to me, "hey, you look creative and artsy, will you draw a crab for me?" i do not think of myself as creative or artsy, so secretly inside i was bursting with "feel goodness," that this obviously creative, cute, outgoing girl just talked to me and took me to fit such a mold. the thing is, we can all break any mold we want to, or we don't have to fit a certain mold at all. sarah tends to free people and i like that about her.

Debra said...

She rented the apartment below us which we managed...right after giving birth to our first VERY fussy baby...who probably kept them up at all hours of the night, who kept me up ALL hours of the night, thus making for a very not nice me, and she still smiled at me every time I saw her, and told me how sweet and cute this very fussy baby was, even though I told them to be quiet way too often. She is just a nice person.

Min said...

I'd like to share a life lesson...or 2...or 6.

1. It's good to meet new people.
2. It's good to enter drawings that might get you a CD of someone you've not heard before but are pretty sure you'd like if you happened to get their CD.
3. It's good to be prepared-especially for death or runny noses.
4. It's good to be an organ donor like my friend Liz.
5. Amazingly not EVERYTHING tastes better with bacon...but almost.
6. It's usually a good idea to hire me to organize your house or paperwork.
7. It's good to know the proper way to use semicolons and other personable punctuation.

Forget delivery, I'll come pick up the CD (and trim the girls shirts while I'm at it).

Thanks for the fun drawing. My fingers are crossed ....

The Ballard's said...

First: Should I know "Min"?
"Should" meaning have I met Min as well as should I meet Min, I think I like her.

Second: The best advice I ever got was this: Everyone comes with crap, you might as well stick to the crap you are used to. This and a lot of love keeps my marriage sucessful.

Ramanda said...

I am not whitty or observant enough to come up with any of my own lessons from life. I just hope I have a LONG time to figure it all out and that the lessons won't be too hard to learn. I adore finding (new to me) music and this girl is really good! Crossing my fingers!

byoung said...

here are some of my life lessons
i'd rather have creativity than quiet, i'd rather have fun than perfectly picked up, i'd rather try something rather than say i can't, i'd rather my children knew they were loved than perfectly disciplined.
we really are here to be happy and we have to do the best with what we have been given

and i really would like a sara sample cd!

sarah sample said...

Em! I love you and your family. What a sweet surprise to find this today. Thank you for spreading the word about this album....

Yeffinerp said...

Oh, I would love to have this CD!

Life lessons.....there are so many. A few of my favorites: Slow down. Look your loved ones, your friends, your neighbors, in the eye and really listen. Simplify. Less is more. Take time for the quiet moments, for God whispers, and the world is loud.

Inspiring music elevates our thoughts, and elevates our lives.

thanks for the great giveaway!