Still Shocked After Nine Years

Last night, at 1:30 am, Steve cleaned out the shower drain. I was shocked because:

#1 It was already past our new bedtime, which Steve has recently implemented in attempt to get us to sleep at a more appropriate hour. #2 Steve doesn't usually fix things.

He made me come in the bathroom to see what he pulled out. It was absolutely disgusting, and I have no idea how any water was passing through that drain. He wanted me to take a picture of it and post it on my blog. That was definitely shock #3 of the night. I will spare you the horror and tell you about our anniversary instead.

On Tuesday, we celebrated our ninth. We started out the evening representing the Trolley District at a city council work session about possible streetcar alignments. The meeting started later than we anticipated, and Steve was watching the clock like a hawk. I knew we had reservations at Rickenbacker's for 7:30 pm, but figured, that with our connections, we could probably get away with pushing it back a little. He finally admitted that he had something special planned, so we left early.

I walked into the restaurant to see this:

I've never received flowers for my anniversary, so I was. . . well, shocked. (Sidenote: Steve recently informed me that emotional detachment is a common personality trait among Aquariuses. We are learning so much about ourselves from our favorite astrologist, Josh Priest.)

Steve had pre-ordered our meal and had everything planned out perfectly: Fresh Fruit & Cheese Plate, Dungeness Crab Cakes, (my favorite. . . no longer on the menu) New York Steak for him, Plum Glazed Salmon for me, and specially-purchased Haagen Dazs sorbet for dessert.

And then he handed me a letter. . . shocked again.

Steve's mom sent us an email with an assignment back in February. She is working on her personal history and wanted each of her children to write a little synopsis about dating and marrying their spouses to help her recall her own memories. Even though she said she was in no hurry, it has been eight months, and we have still neglected to complete the assignment.

As our anniversary approached, I told Steve that we should each write our own, and it would be fun to read each other's versions.

Sadly, I never wrote mine. This is what he handed me:

I had seen Emily countless times throughout the school year; she even dated my roommate, Josh Hirschi. We called her, "Tall Girl". I would often see her around campus. Sometimes she would recognize me, and other times, when I would say hi, she would look at me like she had no idea who I was. I liked that she was tall, confident, and obviously different from the other girls.

One day, in the summer, I was hanging out with Anji, whom I was casually dating at the time. We got a call from Emily asking for some help lifting something. Anji said that we would be right over. Not know whom I was helping or where we were going, I was very excited when I recognized it was Emily. She needed help lifting her canoe on top of her green Jeep Cherokee. I thought it was so cool that she and I lifted it together. Forgetting that I was there with her friend, my kind-of girlfriend, I asked Emily when we were going to go out on the canoe. She replied whenever I wanted.

A few weeks went by and then she appeared at the Old Grist Mill, where I worked. I told her that I was serious about going out on that canoe, and she suggested next Saturday. (I think she was impressed by my baking and sandwich-making skills.) Saturday came, but I forgot we had a date and went to Jackson Hole to see Ben Harper and Jack Johnson in concert.

Some time went by and then she showed up at my other job, Le Nonne. I was happy to see her, and she hung out for a few minutes while I finished up and then we walked out to her car together. Once back at her Jeep, she delivered her intended message and called me out for standing her up. She asked me where I was and why I didn't call, and told me that no one stands her up. I was impressed, not just because she stood up to me, but because she was direct and confident. Then, instead of slapping me or throwing a pie in my face while her friends sat in the car videotaping the confrontation, like some girls would have done, she rescheduled our date. (With the warning that I better not stand her up again.) She knows what she wants and there is little stopping her from getting what she wants.

At a time in my life when I needed someone strong to take my hand and help me find my way, I found her. Not someone who would be totally dependent on me, but someone who was willing to take me by the hand and help me find out who I was.

So much for being emotionally detached. What a sweet husband. (The flowers, however, were arranged by his manager, Angelica. It's nice having your husband work with thoughtful ladies.)

Now, for my version. Maybe more of a rebuttal. I know this is way more information than you need, Gloria, but I really do need to defend myself on some points:

1. "Tall Girl?" Really? Oh well, all of my friends and I called Steve "Short Shorts Boy."

2. There was actually another guy on campus who bore some physical resemblance to Steve. I might have had a hard time telling them apart and knowing which one I was on greeting terms with. (Logan is COLD, and we wore warm hats and lots of layers.)

3. Trent Mason should be given some partial credit for our relationship. I worked with Trent testing treadmills at ICON Health & Fitness, and he often told me that I had dated the wrong roomate and should be dating Steve. I did not consider Steve a viable option because of one Krazy Krista. (Can I really post that on my blog? Hmmm, I guess so.) And then one spring afternoon, I was sitting outside the TSC and Steve walked across the patio. I told my friends that he was going to be the next person I dated.

4. When Steve initially asked when he could go canoeing, I really thought he was asking for him and Anji. And can you imagine if Steve would have married an Anji/Angie too?

5. The day that Steve stood me up, Ryan West was over at my house. I had told him that I would be leaving soon to go on a date. He waited and waited for this "date" to show up. It was a little embarrassing when he never did.

6. Soon after I got stood up, I went home to Vernal for Becky's wedding. Of course, the first question everyone asks when you come home from college is if you are dating anyone. The answer was obviously no, but I did announce that I had met the man I was going to marry. It didn't help when Bridgett added, "Isn't he the guy who just stood you up?" But I was serious. I really did know. That's why I just couldn't believe it when he never called me back.

7. I was actually really scared to show up at Le Nonne to track Steve down. Have any of you ever seen the owner, Pier? I just stole this picture off of Facebook:

But definitely worth it.


Stephanie said...

Love this!

Debra said...

That's hilarious that you also got confused with his "twin". After I met Steve a couple of times, I was walking on the second floor of the TSC and "Steve" was walking towards me so I said a friendly "Hello" with no reply. I later saw the same guy and figured out it wasn't Steve. Happy 9th guys!

Kristin said...

I really enjoyed reading this. Very funny and what a great hubby!

Kristin said...

I really enjoyed reading this. Very funny and what a great hubby!

Melissa and Mitch said...

So cute Steve. Good work you 2. 9 years 4 kids and 1 grandchild you two are busy.

Anonymous said...

What a cute love story:)!


Rebecca said...

That is SO so so sweet. I need to have a consultation with Mr. Priest about the implications of my astrology. Happy 9th Anniversary and sorry that I totally forgot and made Steve miss his third haircut attempt. I remember the night you went over to Le Nonne to confront Steve about standing you up. I remember I asked you if you wanted me to come with you and you said no. How did you get all that self confidence?:) I never would have had the guts to do that.

And, finally, you guys are such a great couple and when you got married, although you were SO young, I always thought that you and Steve were just perfect for each other and I still think that even more than before. Love you <3

Julee said...

Did you know John stood me up too on our first date?

Congrats on nine years!!!

Ryanne said...

So funny and sweet! Perfect anniversary it sounds like and a wonderful way to remember how you met.

Lori said...

oooo i like it!!! i like the stories even more. share more, please. :)

i'm h.mac said...

i remember running into you guys after you got engaged. you were in the jeep cherokee and we were running into my parents house. you guys stopped in the road and steve ran out to hug scotty.

so it was fun to read the whole story!

sounds like a fabulous evening!

Ramanda said...

I just realized that it has been ages that I have read your blog! I can't believe that you would withhold a picture of the drain blockage! Happy anniversary! It was cool to get a little peek into your beginnings!

Aneesa Bee said...

I can't believe Steve would stand you up. It's a good thing it was an accident. I just think you are both amazing. And the canning list may sound impressive, but here in Dayton, I'm small beans. Really.

Carly said...

Hey Emily,

Just because we've never met doesn't mean we can't be friends. I mean, I know your husband, so that makes us automatic friends - right? I love checking on your blog and enjoy your great sense of humor.

One of these days we'll be face-to-face friends, I'm sure of it!