The Wacks in Lucy's Ears are Having a Party

"Mom, you
really need to clean out my ears! There are a bunch of wacks in there, and I think they are having a party."

-Lucy Ballard, Age 6

I know that I've let this go on too long, but years ago, when I was cleaning Rachel's ears, she asked me if I found a wack. You know. . . she heard me say that we needed to get the wacks out. . . so the singular version must be "wack."

It always makes me smile, so I just let that one go.

It probably wouldn't do any good if I tried to correct them anyway. I have tried to teach Rachel the correct pronunciation for the word "remote" about a thousand times. And despite my efforts, she still calls it the marote.


HeidiAnn said...

i have an eleven year old who uses the word "becepts" despite me telling him all the time there is no such word. for example- "i would do my homework becepts forgot my math book at school." funny you have problems with "remote" too, Austin has made his own word for the Wii remote - "marymote". That is how he thinks it sounds if you say Wii remote a thousand times a day as he does. Happy Halloween to all of you!

AngelaW said...

Jack calls it ear wack too. I cannot correct him. He also calls Tyler a wusp (wuss). There are some others but I can't remember. I hate it when he figures out the correct word. It makes him seem more grown up when he doesn't say cute little boy things.

Lori said...

hee hee. jaylee still says "find" for fine.... and my parents never corrected me and it wasn't until i was married that my husband politely explained to me that pancakes were NOT pan-a-cakes.

Molly said...

MAROTE ha ha love it. kids are SO funny... Ruby still wants to know when we are going to finally meet "Attle"... because when we went to SeATTLE.... we never saw him!

Rebecca said...

I am laughing so hard!

Aneesa Bee said...

That is HILARIOUS! I think it's so funny that you brought up the remote too--Samuel was writing out his christmas list, and he asked me how to spell "motecontrol" and when I said "R--E" he said, "NO! MMMMMOOOTTTTControl, mom!" So I finally gave in and just started with an "M" Can't win here, either! Marote!!!