A Weekend of Exciting Firsts and a Melancholy Last

The kids dressed up for their first Halloween party of the year. (We were late, so no pictures.)
We left our pumpkins out on the porch overnight for the first time. (And they didn't even get stolen.)
We attended United Way's first pumpkin/book giveaway at the Oasis Community Garden.
Lucy found her first 4-leaf clover. (I am one proud momma.)
We got more free pumpkins from Ogden's first Witchstock Festival. (Now we have plenty of backups.)
Steve attended the Jackson Ward Chili Cook-off for his first time. (Actually, he was in charge of it.)
Steve sat next to me during sacrament meeting for the first time in a few months. (Primary Program.)
Rachel and Lucy had their first piano recital.

And one mournful last. Rachel and I went to go say our goodbyes to our sweet neighbor, Pam, who is battling esophageal cancer. It was a very somber experience.

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@udj said...

always so much to do in ogden.
hmmmm ;)