56 Days Without a Microwave

Our old microwave was a fatality of the canning explosion.

We scheduled an appointment with our trusty repairman for diagnosis, ordered a new part, waited for the new part to arrive, scheduled another appointment with kind repairman, and then found out the microwave was not repairable.

Five hundred bucks for the replacement microwave.

So we continued on. . . with a blue hole above our stove. . . for weeks. While I came to terms with the fact that my dumb mistake had not only caused a mess of a kitchen, a narrow escape from serious injury, but was going to cost me five hundred bucks. I know, I know. It could have been so much worse. But why couldn't I have just remembered to go turn off the stove?!?

I've made quite a few expensive mistakes in my life. . . spilling bleach on new clothes mistakes, throwing tomatoes at Sarah Jolley's house mistakes, speeding ticket mistakes, crayons in the dryer mistakes, breaking cell phone mistakes. . . but I've had very few five-hundred-dollar-mistakes.

I finally broke down/saved my pennies and bought it.

(I gladly paid an extra hundred bucks for a six-year warranty.)

Our repairman came and installed it.

Fifty-six days without a microwave came to an end.

We are back to eating microwave popcorn every night. And now that we have a convenient way to reheat food without creating a dozen dirty pans a day, we are actually eating our leftovers again.

Life with a microwave is good.


Rebecca said...

Wow! Has it really been that long? You really should have used the extra microwave that has been sitting in my garage this whole time until you got your new one...silly girl! I can't believe I didn't notice the lack of the big blue hole when I came by earlier. I knew something was different besides the tree...Oh, and also, I still want to buy that bank from you but I keep forgetting about it.

Min said...

Not having a microwave seems more tortuous when you have electricity. Without electricity, you don't notice so much . . . but then, you probably already know that. Happy Microwave Day!

Julee said...

That is an awful long time without a microwave..... Thanks for the visit the other day, your kids are growing up too fast!

Molly said...

I am SO impressed that you went THAT long!!